Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet

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Understanding metabolic rate

We often hear about the metabolic rate. But do you really know what it is and how it affects our body? The metabolic rate is the minimum calorie requirement to sustain basic functioning of a human body. A person’s BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is the biggest factor in determining their overall metabolic rate, as well...Read More

Is The Raw Food Diet Healthy?

People are constantly experimenting with food to lose weight. Some eat maple syrup all day while some eat raw or uncooked foods to get that size zero. Most fad diets are unhealthy. But sometimes even the more healthy seeming diets like the raw food diet may not be totally healthy. Let us tell you why...Read More

All About Vegan Diet

Veganism is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy and all other animal-derived ingredients. Many vegans also do not eat foods that are processed using animal products, such as refined white sugar and some wines. A vegan diet includes all grains, beans, legumes, vegetables and fruits and the nearly infinite number of...Read More

A Health Tip for You, When Having Cold & Flu with Periods

Question / Dilemma: What should be my diet when I fall sick – cold and flu with my periods? Can something ensure a speedy recovery and give me enough energy to be able to go about my routine activities? Answer: When you are suffering from cold and flu, and have also got your periods you must pack yourself...Read More

10 Best Foods for Your Brain

A strong brain leads to a strong body and reflects a strong personality. Most of the stuff is written about the food that’s good for the body. But did you know the brain also has special requirements too. Here are 10 best sources of that provide significant nutrients to the brain. And don’t worry! You...Read More

Importance of Diabetes Diet

Some diseases can be silent predators, offering few or no warning signs to alert you early. One such disease is diabetes. Not only does diabetes affect almost 50. 8 million people in India, but 25 percent don’t even know they have it. What Is Diabetes? As food is digested, it is broken down into glucose...Read More

Importance of Skin Nutrition

The skin is one of the most powerful indicators of health. Your skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside your body, and all skin conditions, from psoriasis to acne to aging, are the manifestations of your body’s internal needs, including its nutritional needs,” says Dr. Georgiana Donadio, founder of the National Institute...Read More

Dietary Guidelines For Lactose Intolerance

Lactose intolerance, also called lactase deficiency and hypolactasia, is the inability to digest lactose, sugar found in milk and to a lesser extent milk-derived dairy products. Lactose intolerance is caused by reduced or absent activity of lactase that prevents the splitting of lactose (lactase deficiency). When lactose moves through the large intestine (colon) without being properly digested, it can cause uncomfortable symptoms such...Read More

Eat Balanced Diet For Healthy You

The amount and the type of food you eat has a major influence on your health. If you eat a well-balanced diet, it can reduce your risk of various diseases as well as help you to maintain a healthy weight. There are certain times when it can be particularly important to make sure that you...Read More

Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life. It brings both emotional and physiological changes as well as it also poses extra demands on the body. In this phase the body needs extra nutrition for the developing fetus, for pregnant woman herself and also the lactation period to follow. Pregnancy Diet must be...Read More

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