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Healthiest Wheat Biscuits in India

We’ve told you how biscuits are not healthy and can promote fat storage. But then there are those biscuits called healthy biscuits- like wheat biscuits, high fiber biscuits, etc. So, we decided to find out two things. First, if these wheat, high fiber biscuits are really healthier than normal biscuit cousins, and which among them are the healthiest: Britannia Marie Gold, Sunfeast Marie Lite, Britannia NutriChoice and McVities (the original)

Photo- Healthiest Wheat Biscuits India (willow89@flickr)

All biscuits had very (more…)

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Healthiest Chocolate in India

We all love chocolate, but do you know- Which is the healthiest chocolate? which is the lowest calorie chocolate? which chocolate has the highest fat? which is the highest calorie chocolate?

Fitho has done an analysis of the popular chocolate bars and has all the answers for you. So, which are the popular ones that we considered: Kitkat, Mars, Snickers, Cadbury Dairy Milk, 5 Star, Munch, Twix and Gems

As a standard, all these chocolates have sugar as first ingredient. Most of them have another form of carbohydrate or fat as the second ingredient as a second ingredient. Snickers had peanuts as its second ingredient! (We really liked that) Understand why order of ingredient listing matters!

The standard favourite of all kids- Cadbury Dairy Milk came out with the highest fat content at 29 gm of fat, per 100 gm of chocolate.

Snickers had the lowest carbohydrates. So, if you’re watching your diet intake of carbs, Snickers is your best choice. It had a high fat content from its peanut content. And we all know how nuts are good for health.

One of the biggest suprises was that Kitkat uses hydrogenated vegetable oils. As a result, Kitkat contains trans fatty acids! Note that Gems, Munch and 5 Star also uses hydrogenated vegetable fat. Normally that leads to trans fatty acids, but Gems did not list the details of fat content.

The lowest calorie chocolate and lowest fat content was Gems surprisingly, at 390 calories and 13.4 gm of fat.

So, what is Fitho’s choice of the healthiest chocolate- Snickers! Even with a high calorie content, we liked that it had the lowest carbohydrate content, and that it contained lots of peanuts! Quality of ingredients is always a key factor.

Read about chocolate health benefits and know the healthiest among dark, white and milk chocolate. Regardless of which chocolate you eat, they’ve all got lots of sugar and fat, so its best to share your chocolate. Win favours and avoid the extra calories!

Below is the nutritional information for leading 4 chocolates in India:
: 486 calories, 6.5 gm protein, 60 gm carbohydrates, 24.5 gm fat, 23.5 gm saturated fat, 0.5 unsaturated fatty acids, 0.5 gm trans fatty acids, 192 mg calcium
Ingredients: sugar, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, milk solids, wheat flour, cocoa solids

Mars: 455 calories, 4.3 gm protein, 68.5 gm carbohydrates (sugar 62 gm), 18 gm fat (saturated fat 8 gm), 1 gm fiber
Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, vegetable fat (palm oil), cocoa mass, skim milk powder, whey powder

Snickers: 506 calories, 9.5 gm protein, 55.4 gm carbohydrates, 27.4 gm fat
Ingredients: Sugar, peanuts, glucose syrup, skim milk powder, vegetable fat, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whey powder

Cadbury Dairy Milk: 529.7 calories, 10.2 gm protein, 59.7 gm carbohydrates (sugar 56.5 gm), 29 gm fat
Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, milk solids, cocoa solids

Cadbury 5 Star:  440.6 calories: 3.9 gm protein, 72.3 gm carbohydrates (sugar 52.3 gm), 16 gm fat
Ingredients: Liquid glucose, sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fats, milk solids, cocoa solids,

Munch: 480 calories: 5.9 gm protein, 64.6 gm carbs (sugar 27.5 gms), 21.5 gm, trans fatty acids: 0.1 gm, calcium 106 mg
Ingredients: sugar, wheat flour, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, milk solids, cocoa solids

Twix: 492 calories: 4.8 gm protein, 64.0 carbs, 24.1 gms fat
Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, wheat flour, vegetable fat, skim milk powder, cocoa butter

Gems: 390 calories: 4.8 gm protein, 64.4 gm carbs (60.1 gm sugar), 13.4 gm fat
Ingedients: Sugar, milk solids, hydrogenated vegetable fat, cocoa solids

Note: All weights and nutritional analysis is per 100 gms of each product.

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— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Healthiest Chocolate Biscuits India

Kids and adults are both fans on chocolate biscuits! But are they good for health? As we’ve told you before, biscuits are not diet food, but if you can’t stop eating them, then you should know which chocolate biscuit is the healthiest? Which biscuit one has dangerous trans fats? And which choco chip biscuit has the lowest calories?

We’ve done a nutritional analysis of the leading chocolate biscuits in the market- Britannia Good Day Chocolate Chip, Parle Hide and Seek, Britannia Bonbon, Sunfeast Tasty Choco cream.

One of India’s oldest chocolate biscuits, the Britannia Bonbon came out with the highest sugar content at 39 gm of sugar per 100 gms of biscuit. This was 25% more sugar calories than the others, that were all around 31 gm of sugar.

The lowest calorie count came out to be Britannia Good Day Chocolate Chip. Per 100 gms of biscuits, it came in at 461 calories. This was slightly lower than the other that ranged from 470 to 480 calories, per 100 gm of weight.

The protein content in all the biscuits was all around 6 gm of protein per 100 gms. Clearly, biscuits are not exactly a protein source :) The fat content in all these ranged between 15-19 gms. The lowest was Sunfeast Tasty Choco Cream at 15.4 gm of fat, but this one had trans fats! Clearly, we don’t recommend this one. Trans fats are harmful fatty acids. Many cities and countries have banned the use in food (not India). They are created by hydrogentation of vegetable oil used in food processing and production.

Last but not the least, we always consider ingredients. Parle Hide and Seek came out on top in this one. All the biscuits used Wheat Flour as their first ingredient. The second ingredient was sugar for most, except Parle Hide and Seek that used chocolate chips :)

So, which chocolate biscuit is Fitho’s choice? We have two winners. Our top choices are Britannia Good Day Chocolate Chip for their lowest calorie count, and Parle Hide and Seek for the taste as well as their ingredients, since they used more chocolate chips than others as part of ingredient list. Britannia Bonbon was 3rd, and Sunfeast was at the bottom of our list, since it contains trans fats! Read about chocolate health benefits and know the healthiest among dark, white and milk chocolate.

Below is the nutritional information for all the 4 chocolate biscuits for India:
Britannia Good Day Chocolate Chip: 461 cal, 68.5 carbs (32 sugar), 5.7 gm protein, 18.3 gm
Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, chocolate chips (14.5%), edible veg oil

Parle Hide and Seek: 481 calories, 73 gm carbs (32 gm sugar), 5.7 gm protein, 18.5 gm
Ingredients: wheat flour, chocolate chips (27%), sugar, edible veg oil

Britannia Bonbon: 470 calories, 69 gm carbs (39 gm sugar), 5.8 protein, fat 19 gm
Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar (36%), edible vegetable oil, milk solids, starch, cocoa solids

Sunfeast Tasty Choco cream: 470 cal, 6.1 protein, 76.7 gm carbs (31 sugar), 15.4 gm fat (trans fats)
Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, edible vegetable oil, hydrogenated vegetable oils

Note: All weights and nutritional analysis is per 100 gms of each product.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Which is The Healthiest Orange Juice Brand?

Fruit is always better than the juice. But we all love Orange Juice. Store bought orange juice is mostly sugar loaded, but there are some options that are healthier. Ever wondered, which is the healthiest? Here, we give you a lowdown on the good and the bad of healthy orange juices, and the Fitho choice for Orange Juice!

Photo- Orange juice (pricklebush@flickr)

We considered the leading orange juice brands in India- Tropicana, Real, Activ and MinuteMaid Pulpy Orange.

Both Activ and Tropicana took an immediate lead over Minute Maid and Real, since they had no added sugar. Their ingredients were primarily water and orange juice concentrate. Between Activ and Tropicana, Activ had marginally higher Calcium content, and Tropicana had more Potassium.

Product ingredients are listed in order of decreasing weight. Real’s ingredient list is- water, orange juice concentrate, sugar, etc. For Minute Maid, it is- water, sugar, orange juice, etc.
Minute Maid has more sugar than Orange Juice, in its ‘Pulpy Orange’ drink!

Between the Tropicana and Activ, we liked the taste of Tropicana better. So, the Fitho choice for Orange Juice is Tropicana.

Below is the nutritional info for all 4 Orange Juices
Tropicana: 48 cal; 11 gms Sugar, Vitamin C- 16 mg, Potassium- 170 mg, Calcium- 18 mg. No added sugar.
Real Activ: 48 cal; 12 gms Sugar, Vitamin C-  20 mg, Potassium- 86 mg, Calcium- 18 mg. No added sugar
: 56 cal; 13 gms Sugar, Vitamin C- 12.5 mg, Potassium- 70 mg, Calcium- 5 mg. Contains added sugar.
Minute Maid: 42 cal; 10.5 gm Sugar (no more info). Contains added sugar

Note that most packaging is more than 100 ml. The smallest we found was 200 ml. Most of us consume a whole package, so be careful of how many calories you’re taking in. Still, the fruit is better than the juice, so go for that!

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Which is the Healthiest Mango drink?

Mangoes are a summer obsession in India, and so we love our mango drinks as well. Mango fruit is healthy but much sugar is added in mango drinks. In fact, see our previous post on the new Frooti ad – made us wonder if Frooti drinkers are unhealthy. But if you still want to drink them, know which one is the healthiest (least damaging to your belly). We took the leading names- Frooti, Maazaand Slice.

Healthiest Mango

Per 100 ml of serving, Frooti has 61 calories and 14 gms of carbohydrates. Maaza was slightly higher at 65 calories and 16 gms of carbohydrates, and Slice had the highest calorie count at 73 calories and 18 gms of carbohydrates. All had minimal amounts of Vitamin A.

Inredients on packaging are listed by weight. The main ingredients for these drinks are water, mango pulp and sugar. For all 3, the first was water. The second, was the game changing one- Frooti and Maaza listed mango pulp, while Slice listed sugar are the second ingredient. Basically, that means that Slice has more added sugar than mango pulp in their drink, whereas Frooti and Maaza have more mango pulp than sugar.

Between the three popular mango drinks, Frooti, Maaza and Slice- Frooti is Fitho’s top choice! Maaza at a close second, and Slice at the bottom of the list.

Again, regardless of the winner, note that we take 100 ml as one serving. The small tetra packs are 200 ml and the bottles are at about 600 ml. So, if you drink a 600 ml bottle of frooti, you’ve just consumed about 370 calories, and 84 gms of sugar! Due to the excessive sugar in mango drinks, it can make you feel bloated- excessive sugar consumption increases water retention in the body.

As we always say, fruit is better than the drink :) Mango drinks are loaded with sugar, that promotes fat gain. Due to the high sugar content of mango drinks, none of these are recommended for diabetics.

Below is the nutritional information for all 3:
: 61 cal, 14 gm carbohydrates
Ingredients: Water, Mango pulp, Sugar
Maaza: 65 cal, 16 gm carbohydrates, vitamin A and calcium
Ingredients: Water, Mango pulp, Sugar
Slice: 73 cal, 18 gm carbohydrates,
Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Mango pulp

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Which Are The Healthiest Chips?

We all love chips. We know they’re not healthy, but we might as well know which are better than the others and pick the chips that are the healthiest in India. There are many different products in the market, so we considered the leading brands- Bingo, Lays, Uncle Chipps, Kurkure, Senor Pepito and Mad Angles.

Photo- Healthiest Potato Chips in India (sergeygalako@flickr)

For each of them we took a 100 gm sample. Surprisingly, 5 out of 6 had the same calorie content of about 545 calories, the same amount of fat- 34 gms and the same amount of carbohydrates- 55 gms. The one that stood out was Senor Pepito. For a 100 gm sample, they had 440 calories, 18 gms of fat and 66 gms of carbohydrates.

Considering calorie count and fat content, Senor Pepito lead the way. Its protein content was also 20% higher than the others. Even with higher carbohydrate content, since the calorie count and fat content are much lower, the Fitho choice of healthiest chips is Senor Pepito!

Regardless of the calorie count per bag, its important to note that none of these are healthy for you. If you’re hungry, instead of going for a bag of these, go for a fruit. Easily available, they are so much healthier- check out nutrition of apple nutrition, healthy guavas and healthy bananas.

Nutrition info per 100 gms of following:
Bingo: 545 cal, 34 gms fat, 55 gms carbs, 5.4 gm protein
Lays: 544 cal, 33 gm fat, 54 gms carbs, 7 gm protein
Mad Angles: 548 cal, 33 gm fat, 56 gms carbs, 7 gm protein
Uncle Chipps: Similar to above. Calories per 80 gm bag: 430
Kurkure: Similar to above. Calories per 144 gm bag: 785
Senor Pepito: 440 cal, 18 gm fat, 66 gms carbohydrates, 9 gm protein

Note 1: We could not assess saturated fat content, since the law does not require it to be listed.

Note 2: Some of these products are not sold as ‘chips’, but we considered it here, since its often perceived as the same category as potato chips.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo