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Is there Fat in Fruits, Vegetables

We’ve all wondered about certain fruits and vegetables-if there is fat in that? There are common misconceptions of many foods containing fat, whereas they contain no fat or extremely low fat content. On the other hand, there are some foods even if they don’t have fat, promote fat storage in the body. So, let’s find out- Is there fat in that food?

Fruits: As a standard, you can assume that most fruits have absolutely no fat content. Let’s the examples of certain fruits which are often considered to contain fat.

Photo-Fruits with fat content (troyfish@flickr)

Bananas- Bananas are nutritious and healthy, with extremely low fat content. If you believe that bananas and milk make you fat. The potassium in bananas actually promotes muscle growth and thus fat loss.

Mango- We’ve told you before that about the fat content in mangoes- there is none in the king of summer fruits.

Apples- Apples have health benefits, and have absolutely no fat content. Studies have shown that they apples can promote weight loss.

Chickoo- This much maligned Indian fruit has again no fat content. It has fiber and good carbohydrates as most fruits do. Fruit sugars provide sustained energy, and fiber keeps you from getting hungry, so the chickoo is only good for you!

Strawberries- These delicious fruits are loaded with antioxidants and contain no fat absolutely. Here’s a great strawberry banana smoothie recipe.

Now, that we’ve cleared out the fat content of most fruits, you should know that Avocado is the only popular fruit that contains fat. But avocado are good for your skin. Similar to fruits, many vegetables get a bad rap for their fat content also, so let’s find out-

Potato- French fries contain fat and potato chips are unhealthy, but the potato by itself contains no fat and potatoes can help weight loss.

Brocolli- Brocolli is one of the healthiest vegetables. No fat content, and loaded with antioxidants.

Beans- There are many kind of beans- kidney, black, lima, etc.. But they contain no fat and are among the few vegetable that help you gain muscle.

Lettuce- Lettuce is primarily water. In fact, its the primary ingredient for most salads- the holy grail of diet plans.

So, eat your vegetables and fruits without fear of their fat content. They will help you lose weight, gain muscle and get fit!

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Which Are The Healthiest Chips?

We all love chips. We know they’re not healthy, but we might as well know which are better than the others and pick the chips that are the healthiest in India. There are many different products in the market, so we considered the leading brands- Bingo, Lays, Uncle Chipps, Kurkure, Senor Pepito and Mad Angles.

Photo- Healthiest Potato Chips in India (sergeygalako@flickr)

For each of them we took a 100 gm sample. Surprisingly, 5 out of 6 had the same calorie content of about 545 calories, the same amount of fat- 34 gms and the same amount of carbohydrates- 55 gms. The one that stood out was Senor Pepito. For a 100 gm sample, they had 440 calories, 18 gms of fat and 66 gms of carbohydrates.

Considering calorie count and fat content, Senor Pepito lead the way. Its protein content was also 20% higher than the others. Even with higher carbohydrate content, since the calorie count and fat content are much lower, the Fitho choice of healthiest chips is Senor Pepito!

Regardless of the calorie count per bag, its important to note that none of these are healthy for you. If you’re hungry, instead of going for a bag of these, go for a fruit. Easily available, they are so much healthier- check out nutrition of apple nutrition, healthy guavas and healthy bananas.

Nutrition info per 100 gms of following:
Bingo: 545 cal, 34 gms fat, 55 gms carbs, 5.4 gm protein
Lays: 544 cal, 33 gm fat, 54 gms carbs, 7 gm protein
Mad Angles: 548 cal, 33 gm fat, 56 gms carbs, 7 gm protein
Uncle Chipps: Similar to above. Calories per 80 gm bag: 430
Kurkure: Similar to above. Calories per 144 gm bag: 785
Senor Pepito: 440 cal, 18 gm fat, 66 gms carbohydrates, 9 gm protein

Note 1: We could not assess saturated fat content, since the law does not require it to be listed.

Note 2: Some of these products are not sold as ‘chips’, but we considered it here, since its often perceived as the same category as potato chips.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Lemon Detox Diet & Raw Banana Diet

[Caution: The diets below are not endorsed by Fitho, since both the Lemon Detox Diet and the Raw Banana diet can be very unhealthy and can have serious health side effects.]

Every season, there is a new fad diet that does the round. This time there are two fad diets in different parts of the world- The Raw Banana Diet and the Lemon Detox Diet.

Dr GORI @ flickr

Raw Banana Diet- Apparently in Japan its such a huge rage that supermarkets and grocery stores are out of Bananas. Infact, Dole, the banana company has increased imports of bananas up to 25% to meet the demand for bananas. We could not find clear origins of this raw banana diet, but what is crazy about this raw banana diet is that people actually believe they might lose weight on it. For the raw banana diet, they want you to start your day with a banana (or as many as you like) with a glass of water at room temperature. Through the day, you can eat anything for lunch and dinner. A 3 p.m. snack is acceptable. No desserts and no meals after 8 p.m. And you have to go to bed by midnight.

How could that make any one lose weight? Maybe most of these people who lost weight on the diet never had breakfast. And eating a good breakfast is a key tool in a healthy nutrition and weight loss plan. So, if you eat 2-3 bananas for breakfast, you’ll fill yourself up for the morning. So, you probably won’t dig into the unhealthy snacking options at work. You’re off desserts in this raw banana diet, so that cuts off carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, that promote fat storage in your body. But you can eat anything for dinner and lunch? What happened to portion control to lose weight. The other key that might work for people is that this diet needs you to eat all meals before 8 p.m, so if you’ve eaten lots of carbs (rice, etc) for dinner, you’ve probably burnt some of it by the time you sleep. Also, since you’re getting enough sleep, it’ll help you manage your weight.

The raw banana diet is an unscientific way to approach weight loss. People who have issues with portion control could gain weight on this diet. The good thing about this diet is it promotes a healthy breakfast and dinner much before you sleep. And its not a crash diet- those are the worst for your health.

Lemon Detox diet

martjusha @ flickr

Lemon Detox Diet- The lemon detox diet is all the rage in Australia. Beyonce Knowles, on the lemon detox diet apparently had some success, so a huge mass of people has decided to follow it blindly, not considering the side effects of the lemon detox diet. This lemon detox diet has you drinking 6-9 glasses per day, for 5 to 14 days of a special concoction made from Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup, Lemon Juice, Cayenne Pepper and water. That’s all. This is a starvation diet, that can have serious side effects on your health. This is the mother of all crash diets.

How can someone be nourishing their body with a diet that contains barely any calories, no solids, no protein, minimal fat and inadequate vitamins and minerals. Since your body will not be getting enough calories, it will go into starvation mode, a.k.a. fat storing mode. To maintain your bodily functions, your body will cannibalize on its own muscle. So, instead of losing fat, you will lose muscle and lean body mass, and stay away from the lemon detox diet or the raw banana diet.

Also as soon as you return to a normal diet, your body will be in a mode to store all that food as fat!
Can you imagine how much you would eat after you’ve deprived your body and brain of all that food?

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie Breakfast Recipe

Everyone’s heard that breakfast is good for you, but here’s a breakfast that really is. It is lip smackingly delicious and healthy.

Take 1/2 cup of low fat milk, 2 tbsp of chocolate syrup, 2 tbsp of peanut butter, 1 frozen ripe banana and 1 cup low fat yoghurt. Place it all in a blender and process until smooth. To make it better, you can use vanilla flavoured yoghurt. To increase the protein content and reduce carbohydrate count, substitute the chocolate syrup with chocolate whey protein powder.

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie- magerleagues @ flickr

This breakfast is loaded with protein, fiber to keep you satiated for longer. So you won’t get to the office and dig into all that junk food. Potassium from the banana will help you keep the blood pressure down on the morning drive :) The calcium from the dairy is good for your bones, and a recent study showed that dairy promotes belly fat loss. Also, this smoothie gives you good carbohydrates which will fuel your body through the morning.

This is a great breakfast smoothie recipe. Or even a pre workout smoothie. For a post workout smoothie, we recommend using only 1 tbsp of peanut butter.

To make it a weight gain smoothie, swap the yoghurt with vanilla ice cream and enjoy :)

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo