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Resistance Training Tips

No pain, no gain ! Have you read it on some t-shirts, gyms or might have heard weight lifters say it. It is true to gain strength, endurance, build lean muscles and lose fat resistance training is very beneficial. It is simply resistance of the muscles to weight applied on it. More the weight better the results of resistance training would come out to be.

Women with dumbbells(Cr/freedigital)

Resistance training can be done with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, cables, body weight etc. Some of you looking for quick weight loss, toning your body for summers, weddings or any important occasion resistance training can get you into the shape fast. Being consistent in training the muscles grow with bone mass as well making you stronger and resistance to more force. One basic fundamental of resistance training is progressive overload. The term means that you increase the workload overtime as the muscles get accustomed to the weight and the objective of gaining mass and power.

Tips for resistance training

Motivation: Resistance training pushes you to new limits. Everytime you do resistance training it will test your guts and your resistance to bear the pain and complete the workout. You have to be consistent in following your routine and stay motivated.

Weights: Weights help provide resistance to the muscles and increasing more weight will increase in strength and power and build great muscles improving the physical appearance of the muscles. If you want to tone up your body resistance training could work well for you.

Diet: Muscles require protein to recover from the wear and tear caused by the training. Rich diet with protein rich foods should be included to help the muscle repair fast and grow in strength and mass. Balance your diet with carbohydrates for energy.

Rest: Like us muscles require rest too. As too much resistance makes the muscle tear and wear and thus needs time to repair. Rest is equally important for muscles to grow and resist more stress on it.

Resistance training is a great way to get active. It gets you into shape and makes you all the way more powerful. It is not only with weights but resistance can be offered to the body with elastic bands and other things. Weak people, old people, inactive people looking for a makeover resistance training can get you strengthen up and get going.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Weight Management Tips

People who are overweight, weight loss is the most obvious first step and but once that has been controlled the most critical and difficult step is to manage the weight. Most people find managing weight more difficult than to actually losing weight. There are simple ways of weight management and we will share them with you through this article.

Weight Management(Cr/freedigital)

There is a basic logic behind weight imbalance i.e. you are eating more than you are burning. Simple to say but that is the biggest hurdle. Here are some easy tips on how to get started.

Watch what you buy to eat: Opt for more natural and fresh foods as they not only provide essential nutrition to the body but also keep you fuller for long. Even while shopping for packaged foods that claim to be made of natural ingredients read the ingredients carefully. Insure the first ingredient is natural and the main ingredient is the actual  food instead of sugar or some artificial flavouring used.

Be smart while eating out: Its not that there are only unhealthy options available when you are eating out. Every cuisine can be cooked in a healthy way or has healthy options. Learn to know whats the healthiest option available on the menu. If need be ask the chef on how the dish is prepared or to recommend something healthy for you.

Stop when you feel full: Listen to your stomach and not your heart. Even if the food is delicious and its your favorite dish learn to draw a line. You can have that dish anytime you want and its easily available. Gone are those times where you didn’t know when you will get to eat your favorite food next. With the food revolution your favorite dish is available at every corner or can be easily made at home. This will help you control your portions more effectively.

Get Active: You can simply start this by conditioning yourself to not sitting in one place for more than 2 hours. Some people have desk jobs are bound to get stuck to the chair. You can still work around it. Get up and get yourself a glass of water or tea. Walk to your colleagues work station to discuss the work instead of speaking on the intercom. There is a study that shows that people that are more active have lesser weight issues than people who are not. Get active to be a part of the fit list.

Hunger Pangs: Your body needs food but if you have three proper meals eaten on time and eaten well  this will take care of these recurring hunger pangs at odd hours. Also you feel hungry as often as you condition your body to eat food. The more food you will eat the more hungry you will feel over a period of time. Its all about setting a routine. That doesn’t mean that you eat your dinner before 7: 00 pm, it simply means that ensure you finish your dinner at least 2 hours before your bed time.

With these easy weight management tips you will see managing weight will be a lot easier. You can also look at friends and family for support to help manage your weight better. Involve them in your quest to get fitter. This will help not only push you to staying on track but also get your support group healthier.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo