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GM Diet Menu | GM Diet Chart | GM Diet Plan

The GM Diet known as the General Motors Diet is a fad diet for  quick weight loss program that involves consumption of specific foods per day. The diet itself is very simple. It is a seven day program with very strict restrictions on what can be eaten on each day. This program is designed for a target weight loss of 5-6 Kg per week, while this is an ideal number an average person can look at losing 2-3 kg in a week from this diet. At the same time however, this diet plan may prove to be overwhelming to first time users, as it involves radical change of diet intake that consists mainly of raw fruits and vegetables and reduced limited protein intake.

Here is the day-wise menu for the seven day GM diet plan:

Day One – You are allowed to eat all the fresh fruit you want, with the exception of bananas, which are not allowed. Do not substitute fresh fruit for fruit juice, you are required to eat the whole fruit. Fruits like watermelon are usually recommended in summer and oranges in winter.

Day Two – This is a raw vegetable day. With breakfast as the only exception where you can start the day with a large baked potato with one table spoon of butter. After that, you have to eat any raw or slightly steam it vegetables, but no added salt or sauces. Fruits are strictly not allowed on Day Two.

Day Three – Here you combine day one and day two diet minus bananas or potatoes. You are allowed to eat a mixture of fruit and vegetables of your choice, in any quantity all through the day.

Day Four – you will have bananas and milk. You can eat up to eight bananas and three glasses of milk. For lunch and dinner you add a bowl of soup each. A special soup made from tomatoes, cabbage onions, green peppers, celery and wate

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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GM Diet Indian Version

The GM Diet is a 7 day quick diet. The premise of this diet is plain calorie control and some unusual food choices. On this diet you drastically cut down on your daily calorie intake. The unusual food prescribed to you has minimal health benefits. This diet helps you lose weight quickly. The down side to this diet is that the minute you start eating regular diet all that weight comes back quickly. And in most cases people tend to put on more weight than they had actually lost on the GM diet.

The GM diet is a non-vegetarian diet. Here is the Indian version of GM diet  for those who are vegetarian.

Day One: Watermelons . Your first day will consist of eating unlimited amount of  fruits all day. All fruits except for bananas. Watermelon is the most recommended food to eat on day one.

Day Two: All vegetables. Start your day with two large baked potatoes for breakfast. Followed by restricting your diet to any kind of vegetables either raw or boiled.

Day Three: A mixture of fruits and (raw/boiled) vegetables of your choice.  You cant eat banana or potatoes.

Day Four: Bananas and milk. Today you will eat as many as eight bananas and drink three glasses of milk.

Day Five: Cheat day. You can have 1 (one) cup of brown rice. You also have to eat 6 (six) whole tomatoes and drink 12 (twelve) glasses of water today to cleanse your system.

Day Six: Another day of all vegetables day. You are allowed to eat 1 cup of brown rice and unlimited amount of raw/boiled vegetables all day.

Day Seven: Last day. You get to eat  1 cup of brown rice, unsweetened lemon water and unlimited amount of raw/steamed vegetables.

GM diet is known to help you lose 5-8 kg within a week

GM diet is synonymous to quick weight loss. But this weight loss comes with a lot of health problems. People on this diet can develop nutrition deficiencies, it can lead to dehydration, hair loss, poor sick, lethargy to name a few.

Disclaimer: This diet is an unbalanced diet & can be very bad for your health.  Fitho Wellness does not recommend this diet.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo