Gaining Weight

Gaining Weight

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Lifting Heavy Weights Help to Gain Weight

Question / Dilemma: I’m working out every day of the week. As is the belief, will doing more weights help me gain faster? Answer: First of all, you have taken the right approach by going for weight training, but there are certain things that you should keep in mind as you strive to reach your...Read More

All Fatty Foods are Not Good to Gain Weight

Question / Dilemma: I was wondering since I am aiming to put on a few kilos, are all fatty food good for me? Answer: Just because you want to gain a few kilos, it doesn’t mean that you can gorge on anything that’s fatty, say for instance a plate of samosas or deep-fried Puris. You don’t want to...Read More

Weight Gain Diet

The most easily available option for a person trying to gain weight  are supplements. Some of us are skeptical about adding them to the diet as the health consequences of these products have never been explained by anyone. Most of these weight gain supplements are heavily promoted but no one can for sure say what...Read More