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How good are Mangoes for Weight Loss?

Mango have always been considered as the ‘King of Fruits’, yet many people avoid relishing its flavor because of its high sugar content. This has always been a problem area especially for the people willing to shed some kilos. But the fact is that mangoes have negligible amount of fat and are not very high...Read More

Which is the Healthiest Mango drink?

Mangoes are a summer obsession in India, and so we love our mango drinks as well. Mango fruit is healthy but much sugar is added in mango drinks. In fact, see our previous post on the new Frooti ad – made us wonder if Frooti drinkers are unhealthy. But if you still want to drink...Read More

Are Frooti drinkers fat and unhealthy?

Have you seen the new frooti ad? (watch below) It is full on unhealthy looking people. Most of them are really out of shape. Is Frooti trying to imply that its drinkers get unhealthy like that? Mango is healthy, but mango flavoured drinks like these are loaded with sugar, and we all know that Sugar...Read More