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Fitho Powers Reebok Running Squad Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2011

Running Squad

Good news for the runners: Fitho in collaboration with Reebok Running squad has started free marathon training program in Delhi & NCR. The session will be kickstarted with over 400 people participating in the first week. With just 11 weeks remaining for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon this free training program called Reebok Running Squad Powered by Fitho is meant to help people prepare runners for this year’s half marathon event. The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is scheduled for the 27th of November, 2011.

Running the half marathon requires stamina, endurance and strength. Reebok Running Squad Marathon Training Program has been designed to provide a structured training routine that focuses on key areas of physical fitness required to run the half marathon. The program is versatile and trains people of different fitness levels ranging from new runners (who have never run in their life) to advanced runners. Another important element of a half marathon training program is the diet. A team of certified nutritionists and dieticians are also associated with this training program that work closely with individuals/groups training to ensure that diet compliments the physical training routine  ensuring complete fitness required to achieve the end results.

What to expect at the Reebok Running Squad sessions·

Build Stamina to run the full course of the half marathon
·         All round physical training along with diet to support your output for energy and recovery
·         Full body strengthening to avoid injury
·         Professional guidance, regular Training
·         special Sessions on weekends for capacity building

The RSS training program begins from 10th September, 2011 to 26th

November, 2011 with eleven weeks of gruelling workouts. People can sign up for the Reebok Running Squad training program in the following venues:·

  • Nehru Park (New Delhi)
  • Leisure Valley (Gurgaon, Sec 29)
  • Noida Stadium  (Noida, Sec 21) (more…)
— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2011- Training, Registration

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2011 is scheduled on 27th Nov, 2011. It is the fourth edition of its kind and much awaited sporting event of the year. Participated by teenagers, youth, adults, old and draws attention of the whole nation. Offering different platforms in the form of veterans, senior veterans and super veteran for both the sexes. With the number of participants multiplying each year this time you again have an opportunity to participate and train for this grandeur event. The registration for this event is open and the last date for it is 22nd October, 2011.

This time you have an  opportunity to train yourself for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon under expert supervision. Reebok running squad is a marathon training program powered by Fitho which is being started to train individuals for the marathon. Even if you have not run a marathon before you can start training with the Reebok Running Squad which will take place at three different locations in Delhi-NCR area and starts from the 10th Sep, 2011 till 26th Nov, 2011. Absolutely in no cost you will train under expert fitness trainers with a structured program and diet plan to support your workouts.

The open marathon is for people above 18 while the veteran is for men 45 years above and women 40 years above. To give equal opportunity and competitive atmosphere the half marathon also offers the senior veterans inviting men 55 years above and women 50 years above. While senior citizens also have been active participants giving in all that they have. If you are 65+ for men and 60+ for women you can participate in the super veteran category.

There is wheelchair marathon for the handicapped and senior citizen marathon for 4.3 km for both men and women above 60.

Visit this link to register for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon on 27th Nov, 2011.

Marathon running is not easy, as it tests your guts to run long distances at one stretch. You can’t just wake up and start running for the race but need preparation conditioning the body with exercise and diet for a higher fitness level. Even if you have not run a marathon before, you could get a customized marathon training program and give a kick start to your running experience.

Reebok is also running the Reebok Running Squad, in partnership with Fitho. These training programs are free are going to be held at 3 locations:
1. Nehru Park, Delhi.
2. Leisure Valley, Gurgaon
3. Noida Stadium Sector 21 in Noida.

Get your self registered , call  011- 40616321 or mail reebokrunningsquad@gmail.com to start training . Experience the first ever professional training platform to help you get ready for one of the biggest running event of the nation.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo