Food Cravings

Food Cravings

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We Crave Certain Foods As We Lack in Nutrients They Provide?

Fiction: We crave certain foods because we’re deficient in one of the nutrients they provide. Fact: Food cravings have nothing to do with nutrient deficiencies. You tend to crave for certain food items when your diet is restricted or boring, or when you know that something is not within your easy and quick reach. If cravings were...Read More

3 Ways to Control Cravings

Food cravings can weaken the most disciplined of dieters. A sight, smell or just a simple thought of a particular food item can turn into an irresistible urge to eat. Many a times we manage to control but sometimes the cravings win and the end result gets added on to your waistline and becomes a...Read More

How to Control In-between Meal Snacking

We ensure that most of our meals are healthy. The problem comes when we crave food in between meals. If you feel hungry so often then you certainly need to watch out as eating more  food whether healthy or junk leads to weight gain. The biggest trouble with in between snacking is that one craves something that is...Read More

The Best Weight Loss Program

You have a good appetite and probably binge regularly to keep your cravings at bay. Constant urge to binge is the biggest problem that sets us back with weight loss. Eating less or portion control gives us the feeling of non-satisfaction. You might eat three slices of bread, but your body still makes you crave...Read More