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Excess Weight Might Affect Your Memory

Excess weight is generally associated with various lifestyle diseases but according to a new study published in Neuroimage, clinical researchers at SUNY Downstate Medical Center and other institutions found that excess weight might affect your memory also.

According to the study, being overweight is related to reduced levels of a molecule – N-acetyl-aspartate (NAA); that reflects brain cell health in the hippocampus, a part of the brain involved in memory, learning, and emotions, and is also involved in appetite control. Researchers have found that overweight participants in the study exhibited lower levels of NAA in the hippocampus compared to normal weight subjects. The effect was independent of age, sex, and psychiatric diagnoses.

Therefore, overall health is really important for proper functioning of your brain. If you want to keep yourself mentally sharp, then you should even keep a check on your diet and workout routine. Proper eating patterns with daily workout routines will help you in keeping those extra pounds away. Also, here are some ways by which you can sharpen your memory and can keep your brain healthy.

1. Get sufficient sleep

Sleep not only relaxes your body but now research has shown that sleep is necessary for memory consolidation, with the key memory-enhancing activity occurring during the deepest stages of sleep. Therefore, it is important to get a minimum of 7-8 hours sleep every day.

2. Keep stress away

Stress is one of the worst enemies of a healthy mind and body. Chronic stress can destroy brain cells and damage the hippocampus. In addition to stress, depression, anxiety, and chronic worrying can also affect the brain’s health adversely. Meditation is one of the ways to keep stress away. It also improves focus, concentration, creativity, and learning and reasoning skills.

3. Do some brain work

Whenever you come across some simple calculation use your brain instead of the calculator. Also, play some brain games like Sudoku, crossword, etc which will keep your brain activated and will improve brain cell health.

4. Give time to yourself

Always take some time out for yourself. Play your favorite sport or just zone out from work and stress related thoughts and spend some time with friends and family. This will provide you mental peace and much needed mental rest, which is important for your brain health.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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How to Lose Weight on Your Face

You find it easy to lose weight on the body but struggle to lose weight on your face.

Is there any way to lose weight on the face?

If you are looking to lose weight on your face your approach should start with overall weight loss with the help of correct diet & exercise. Mostly when people lose weight they tend to start with the face followed by other stubborn fat on the body. But in case you are struggling with a chubby face then we have a few suggestions that can help you find an effective way to manage it:

- Drink Plenty of Water: Dehydration can cause the face to get bloated, so staying hydrated will keep your face looking trimmer.

- Eat Healthy Diet: A healthy diet is your best friend in losing weight. Calcium-rich foods like spinach, broccoli and sesame seeds help in reducing water retention. Eat fresh fruit, vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds. The raw nutrients in these foods help clean up your gut, detoxify the liver, metabolize excess fat and promote healthy sleep; which help you in lose weight on your face.

- Do Proper Exercise: You don’t have to slog hours in the gym. An intense 15 minute session of a combination of interval & strength training is good to get the blood pumping and the fat melting. A good workout is a secret to effective weight loss which can have visible effect on fighting sagging fat & getting a toned body & face.

- Enough Sleeping: You should be getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Any less and your face may get bloated from fatigue. Sagging muscles also cause the face to look larger than normal.


— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Indian Diet for Weight Loss

Indian cuisine is rich, diverse and balanced. From the spices that are used to cook it to the different vegetables available through the year not only makes the diet packed with essential nutrition but also provides huge variety.

Unlike American or European where large part of their meals consist of pre-packaged cereals or breads an average Indian household is brimming with wide variety of delicious food options like cheela, dalia, poha, upma, stuffed roti and many more options.

As you enjoy the wide variety of Indian food available here are some quick options that can be easily made, are very healthy and can help you lose weight.

Some healthy Indian Diet Options for weight Loss

Khicdi: Dal(Split Pulses) and rice cooked together and generally  eaten with a combination of curd. This indian diet is simple with least spices except salt, turmeric and some herbs for aroma. It contains protein from dal, carbohydrates from rice and is easy to digest and light for the stomach.

Besan ka cheela made of gram flour is usually eaten in combination with curd is a instant, nutritious, low calorie, protein rich recipe ideal for breakfast and snack time . Cheela can be a part of weight loss diet since it is low in calories and also a part of muscle building diet since it is high in protein. Make sure its made in minimal oil and cooked on a non-stick. (more…)

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Resistance Training Tips

No pain, no gain ! Have you read it on some t-shirts, gyms or might have heard weight lifters say it. It is true to gain strength, endurance, build lean muscles and lose fat resistance training is very beneficial. It is simply resistance of the muscles to weight applied on it. More the weight better the results of resistance training would come out to be.

Women with dumbbells(Cr/freedigital)

Resistance training can be done with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, cables, body weight etc. Some of you looking for quick weight loss, toning your body for summers, weddings or any important occasion resistance training can get you into the shape fast. Being consistent in training the muscles grow with bone mass as well making you stronger and resistance to more force. One basic fundamental of resistance training is progressive overload. The term means that you increase the workload overtime as the muscles get accustomed to the weight and the objective of gaining mass and power.

Tips for resistance training

Motivation: Resistance training pushes you to new limits. Everytime you do resistance training it will test your guts and your resistance to bear the pain and complete the workout. You have to be consistent in following your routine and stay motivated.

Weights: Weights help provide resistance to the muscles and increasing more weight will increase in strength and power and build great muscles improving the physical appearance of the muscles. If you want to tone up your body resistance training could work well for you.

Diet: Muscles require protein to recover from the wear and tear caused by the training. Rich diet with protein rich foods should be included to help the muscle repair fast and grow in strength and mass. Balance your diet with carbohydrates for energy.

Rest: Like us muscles require rest too. As too much resistance makes the muscle tear and wear and thus needs time to repair. Rest is equally important for muscles to grow and resist more stress on it.

Resistance training is a great way to get active. It gets you into shape and makes you all the way more powerful. It is not only with weights but resistance can be offered to the body with elastic bands and other things. Weak people, old people, inactive people looking for a makeover resistance training can get you strengthen up and get going.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

10 Best Fat Loss Tips

Many among us want to get rid of unwanted fat in our body. To lose fat and keep it off, you need to make a few permanent lifestyle changes. These changes will not only reduce unwanted weight, they will even improve you immunity and overall health.

Fat and calories

If you consume a large amount of high calorie foods in your diet (which totals to cross your daily caloric requirement) then the excess calories get stored as fat, which keep on accumulating over time. This happens regardless of whether you eat carbohydrates, protein, fat, and regardless of whether it is junk or nutritious food. Your body can metabolize a certain number of calories in a day. If you regularly exceed that number, then your body will automatically store the excess as fat.

Let’s discuss how you can lose unwanted fat in a healthy and permanent way.

Eat Fiber: Eating healthy high-fiber foods makes you feel full, so you can resist eating more food than you need. Fibrous foods also can take longer to chew, giving your brain time to receive the signal that you have had enough to eat. If you have a big appetite and cannot do with small portions of food then you should include fiber rich foods in your diet as it helps you eat less and keeps you full for longer durations. This results in lower calorie intake, leading to loss of unwanted fat. Also, fiber benefits your health in multiple ways and is essential for the body’s basic functions. Include fiber rich foods such as seasonal fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet.

Protein rich food: Protein rich food takes longer to digest, so it helps in keeping you satiated for a longer period of time. Though protein should be an essential part of your daily diet, control its intake as per your physical activity levels. Dairy sources, beans, pulses, almonds, eggs and lean meats are the best natural protein sources.

Preload with water: Keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water a day. The process of burning calories requires an adequate supply of water and dehydration slows down the fat-burning process.

Exercise: You can manage calorie intake and eat nutritious food but if you want to accelerate the weight loss process, exercise is a must. Exercise will even prevent you from losing valuable muscle, increasing your metabolic rate and greatly benefit your overall health. The increase in resting metabolic rate will mean that you burn more calories during rest. And, the more muscle there is in your body, the higher the calorie burn during rest. Exercise is a must for any weight loss program and nothing can substitute its health benefits.

Sleep: Researchers, doctors and weight loss experts cannot deny the powerful impact of sufficient sleep. Lack of sleep (less than 7-8 hours per day) can make you gain weight by slowing down your metabolic rate and making you crave unhealthy food. Sufficient sleep not only controls appetite, it even keeps you energized, making sure you get enough physical activity through the day.

 Check on Eating Habits: One can be motivated to lose fat fast but to maintain the fat loss, eating habits need to be monitored. Eat the right portions, and eat healthy, delicious food. See these eating habits to help you lose fat.

Reduce Sugar and Alcohol: We’ve told you how sugar can make you store fat. Sugar promotes fat storage and greatly slows down the weight loss process, apart from negatively affecting your health in many ways. Similarly, alcohol inhibits efficient fat loss by slowing the metabolic rate. Also, most alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories and sugar, making it a dangerous combination for your health and fat loss. A binge drinking session can set you back by a few weeks on your weight loss program, despite your strict diet control and regular exercise. So, avoid carbonated drinks and alcohol. Limit sugar intake to two teaspoons a day.

Take your time: Don’t rush yourself in eating as it seen that rapid eaters are often heavier than slow eaters according to research from The University of Rhode Island.. It generally takes 20 minutes for your stomach to send a message to your brain that you have eaten enough and are satisfied. If you rush your meal then your brain got confused and will not let you know that you are full or not, which keeps you end up doing overeating. Therefore it is very crucial to chew your food slowly and thoroughly.

Keep a food record: Keeping a food record also plays a vital role in weight loss. The record will help you to update about what you ate, when you ate, the portions and the quality of food. You will easily come to know about the obstacle in weight loss, eventually you will work on it and will able to overcome the hurdle by substituting with right thing.

Never get too hungry:When you get hungry, automatically you binge on unhealthy stuff to quench your hunger. So, it is important to plan ahead about your healthy snacks and appropriate schedule on day to day life. This will not only help you to be in shape but also enhance your knowledge for healthy options.

Just decreasing the calories day by day or eating less does not help you to lose weight. Weight loss need time, patience and guidance by experts. To achieve a good body one should inculcate these above tips in your lifestyle in order to be healthy and disease free.



— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

How to Lose Weight Fast

Show us a person who wants to lose weight slowly, and we’ll show you something really rare also

People gain weight over a long period of time, but they want to lose weight fast! Traditionally, the only way to lose weight was to diet and to exercise, but now that are supplements that claim to accelerate weight loss. These weight loss supplements, are either diet suppressants, or fat burners. There are two types- those that energize you with caffeine and its likes, and those that spike up your metabolic rate. Let’s look at them in more detail below:

best exercise to lose weight

Photo: defined abs (dubag@flickr)

Diet Suppressants: These pills contain ingredients that suppress your appetite. So, with a reduced diet, your calorie intake goes down, which can help you lose weight.

Caffeinated Fat Burners: There are plenty of such fat burners. These are loaded with caffeine, so they get you all energized. This makes people more active during their daily activities or their workouts. As a result, they burn more calories and fat. Guarana is a plant extract. Guarana based fat burners have caffeine in them- like Stim Trim and Fat Burner with L-Carnitine- these also claim to be appetite suppressants.

Non caffeine Fat Burners: This is a wide range of fat burners and diet pills, but let’s take a popular one- Chromium Picolinate. This supplement sounds complicated, but from our research has shown to be among the least controversial supplements. It is sold as a supplement to prevent or treat chromium deficiency. But its use has indicated that it helps to reduce carbohydrate craving, promote muscle growth and fat loss, aids in reducing insulin resistance, particularly in diabetics and might have antidepressant effects.

There are also water weight loss supplement. As the name suggests, these help you lose water weight- used for short term and temporary weight loss. These supplements will not help you lose the large fat deposits. For successful weight loss, the body should lose fat, not water.

Fat loss and Weight loss pills and supplements can possibly have side effects, especially at high dosage. So ensure that you get the right guidance on dosage and usage of these products. Consult your doctor for medical effects. Watch the dosage of these caffeinated fat burners, since excess caffeine in your body can have side effects- read more.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Is walking good for weight loss?

Walking is boring. It takes so long, and we believe that unless you don’t have a physical limitation holding you back from running, you should not be walking. Start running.

There are so many reasons to start running now- we’ve listed a few for you:

Burn calories while you rest: Running raises your metabolic rate, so you burn calories even while you rest. So you burn calories while watching TV, while sleeping, even while taking a shower!

Walking good for weight loss?

Build great leg muscles: Running can build muscle in your legs- gives you great calves, quads and butt muscles- your way to look good in shorts : ) Also, it increases in your body’s muscle. Muscle burns calories just to maintain itself, so your burn even more calories.

Running can improve posture: When you run correctly, it helps to work the muscles in your lower back and core. As a result, it can improve your general posture, while burning fat. Since many of us have belly fat and fat around the lower back and hips, running can help you lose that also.

Running suppresses appetite- Researchers found that running for over 60 minutes lowers levels of the hormone, Ghrelin (appetite increasing hormone), and increases levels of the hormone Peptide YY (appetite suppressing hormone). So, you probably won’t be scarfing down a huge meal after a good run!

Look hot: With all the fat you lose, the muscle you build, you only get hotter!

Save time: When you run, you do the same amount of work in lesser time. So, you burn calories faster, and you save time to do anything else that you want.

Need a place to run in Delhi? Here’s a list- Siri Fort Sports Complex, Jahanpanah City Forest, Lodhi Garden, Hauz Khas Deer Park. These are all in South Delhi and Central Delhi.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo