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Vibration Weight Loss Machines work?

Vibrating machines have long claimed to help people lose weight. Even today, in some old gyms in India, you will find those machines with the belt that you tie around your waist, and it vibrates the daylights out of you.

Believers claim that vibrating machines are supposed to help fat loss. In fact some people say ludicrious things like ‘this machine shakes the fat, so it loosens the fat, to help weight loss‘. Yes, even if this machine helps weight loss, its not because it ‘loosens the fat’. That is not possible?

So, do these vibrating machines help you lose weight? Let’s find out.

Vibration Weight Loss Machine (tony_lee@flickr)

Vibrating Machines claim to burn calories. Is that true?
One of the basic things you should know is that anything you do burn calories! From breathing to digestion to drinking water. So, yes if you stick yourself in the vibrating machine, then you will burn some calories. How many calories is the real question, and if it will help you lose weight effectively.

How will you burn calories in a vibrating machine?
When the machine vibrates, it physically moves you. This movement like any other movement results in calorie burn.

Will the vibration machine help you lose weight?
The calorie burn from just standing in a vibrating belt machine is small. So small that it wouldn’t be feasible for you to lose weight with them. Its like ab crunches won’t give you a six pack. If these vibrating belt machines did work, then wouldn’t we all be skinny, just by vibrating.

So, how do you really lose weight?
There are many ways to do that:
1. Get on a weight loss diet plan. Crash diets, fad diets (like Indian GM Diet, Atkins Diet) are harmful for your body.
2. Get some exercise- try these classic exercises for men and women- pushups, squats, and the secret to a six pack abs!
3. Start running: Never run before? Here are running tips get you started.
4. Try these sports for weight loss.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Useless Exercise and Gym Machines

There are many exercises and gym machines that are completely useless. When we say useless, we mean with no real benefit to build muscle, lose fat or burn calories. So, here is our list:

Photo- Vibrating Belt Machine- Useless for Weight Loss (felixtcat@flickr)

Vibrating Belt Machine: Have you seen those archaic gym machines with a belt that people wear around their waist… and then the belt shakes and vibrates. People think it helps them lose weight, but really .. it does nothing. How can a vibrating belt help you lose weight. If it did, wouldn’t we all hot bodies with just a little shaking and vibrating.

Waist Twisting Stand: Unlike the previous machine, this one still exists in gyms. You stand on this, hold on to the bar in front of you and twist your lower body, while keeping your upper body straight. People think all the twisting on this contraption will help stretch the fat away, but all that twisting and stretching could actually harm you- you might pull a muscle in your back or your side.

Barbell Stretch: This one is not a contraption, but its an incredibly popular exercise in Indian gyms. Basically holding a wooden bar over your shoulders and your arms over it, forming a T shape. Then, your bend from side to side. The common belief again is that it helps to ‘stretch and loosen the fat so it helps to lose weight’. We’d like to laugh at that thought, but we’ll restrain, and tell you that- physical stretching cannot help increase the ability to lose fat.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo