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Get a Lean and Muscular Body with Vegetables

Gone are the days of bulking up and looking like Arnold schwarzenegger. Now Edward Pattison’s (Star of the twilight Series) body is the new rage. Getting lean and having the definition is still not as easy as it sounds. In fact  it is still more difficult to get lean than bulk up. People and bodybuilders usally...Read More

Reading Nutrition Claims Correctly

Whether you are on diet for weight loss, on a muscle gain plan, managing you diabetes, or just looking for healthy food. To know if food is really healthy, you need to know two things: how to read the nutrition labels, and understand the claims that foods make, like ‘low calorie’ ‘high fiber’ and others....Read More

Fat Free Foods and Weight Loss

Some people might think, the perfect alternative for ice cream is fat-free ice cream. They get to indulge in the ice-cream experience, without loading on the fat. So, they could eat all they want, and not gain any fat. The reality is that eating fat free foods are not going to help you lose weight....Read More