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Get a Lean and Muscular Body with Vegetables

Gone are the days of bulking up and looking like Arnold schwarzenegger. Now Edward Pattison’s (Star of the twilight Series) body is the new rage. Getting lean and having the definition is still not as easy as it sounds. In fact  it is still more difficult to get lean than bulk up. People and bodybuilders usally eat meats as protein sources to bulk up. Unfortunately there are very few natural ways of getting lean. One which is often forgotten due to the quest for a bigger body is the importance of vegetables in the diet. Vegetables are low in calories and full of vitamins and minerals and fiber for better digestion . Besides this they also help develop leaner and strong muscles due to the high quality nutrients present in them.

Green Vegetables and fruits(Cr/freedigital)

Vegetables have very little fat in them which is crtical for reducing body fat to achieve the lean muscular look. Vegetables like cabbage, spinach and parsley are rich source of glutamine which is an amino acid which is the building block of protein and helps build more muscle mass, promoting digestion and tissue repair. The vitamins and minerals with antioxidants reduce inflammation in the body and boost immunity.

Vegetables also boosts muscle growth in older men also as the mitocondria activity in the cells provide more energy to the muscle to perform longer and with power. Doing adeqate resistance exercise with healthy diet will keep them stronger and in better shape reducing chances of injury.

A new study in the February issue of Cell Metabolism traces that improved performance to increased efficiency of the mitochondria that power our cells. The study suggests that foods that contain nitrates make your mitochondria work better and are known as power plants of the cells. Green vegetables are rich in nitrates that boost mitochondria activity giving us more energy during workouts for building leaner and bigger muscles. Good sources for green vegetables are spinach, parsley, kale, asparagus or other green leafy vegetables.

Add a bowl or two of vegetables for better metabolism of nutrients and higher level of energy for building lean muscles. Vegetables are fat free and low in calories reduce the fat percentage in the body giving you a ripped body. Fiber in vegetables keeps you fuller so that you don’t indulge in munching in between meals and avoiding eating extra calories for any storage.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Reading Nutrition Claims Correctly

Whether you are on diet for weight loss, on a muscle gain plan, managing you diabetes, or just looking for healthy food. To know if food is really healthy, you need to know two things: how to read the nutrition labels, and understand the claims that foods make, like ‘low calorie’ ‘high fiber’ and others. We showed you the first. Now, we’ll tell how to decipher claims that a food product makes.

Photo- Free Diet Plans Fail (arkworld@flickr)

Nutrient content claim is a claim that describes the level of a nutrient contained in a food. Here are the claims and what they mean:

Fat Free: (more…)

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Fat Free Foods and Weight Loss

Some people might think, the perfect alternative for ice cream is fat-free ice cream. They get to indulge in the ice-cream experience, without loading on the fat. So, they could eat all they want, and not gain any fat.

The reality is that eating fat free foods are not going to help you lose weight. Wonder why?

Regular ice cream has saturated fat as its main ingredient. The next one being sugar. The high fat content makes it set so well at low temperatures (in your freezer). Now to make this a fat free food or low fat, ice cream manufacturers introduce a lot more sugar and chemicals, to mimic the taste and texture of full fat ice cream.

So, if you ever notice the the calorie value, low fat ice cream is about the same as full fat ice cream- except it has more sugar. Now, that is actually worse for you in three ways. The first of course is the high sugar content. The second is the lower fat content, which makes you eat more. Let me explain that – Fat takes longer to digest, so it keeps you feeling full for longer. Sugar (Simple carbohydrates) gets metabolized fast, so you land up eating more. The third is psychological – People assume since its fat free ice cream, they can eat more of it.

As a result, they actually land up consuming more calories, more sugar and feel less satisfied.

Last but not the least, to make a food fat free that isn’t naturally so, many chemicals are added. These chemicals could be harmful to your body.

At Fitho, we believe you should go for the natural real thing, if you’re really craving ice cream or something. Some fat is less harmful than a bunch of chemicals. Just make sure you control your portion.

Next time, skip the fat free food stuff and go for the real thing ;)

Fitho Tip: Eat with a small spoon. You savour the taste better and its more satisfying. Try the 3 bite rule.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo