Fat Cells

Fat Cells

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How Exercise Changes Fat cells

Exercise is like a magic pill with multiple benefits. It improves functioning of the heart and controls blood sugar levels in our body, In short, it promotes health and reduces the incidence of lifestyle diseases. In a recent study, a researcher came out with a new benefit of exercising i.e. exercising in small doses changes...Read More

Being Thin Does Not Mean Being Healthy

Increased body fat percentage and being overweight result in lifestyle disorders that cause heart disease, hypothyroid, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. Excessive saturated fat consumption increases the cholesterol levels in the body. Certain types of fat are bad for health and some are  equally important which are commonly referred to us essential fat without which...Read More

Why Do Some People Never Get Fat?

You surely know a few people around you who are extremely thin and eat much more than you do but never get fat. They eat all kinds of foods and never add an inch to their waistline. Well just to make you feel better its because there are certain enzymes in our bodies which regulate the...Read More