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Fast Weight Loss

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Simple diet tips to keep the weight off

The key to losing weight is to keep a check on your diet and to include physical activity in your daily routine. Every healthy decision made by you counts and adds up to calories saved. Here are some diet tricks which you can include in your routine, to help keep your weight off. 1. Include...Read More

Do You Lose Weight Faster by Exercising or Dieting?

In our busy hectic life, it becomes difficult to maintain weight as per our lifestyle. Some people try certain diets and make an assumption that a particular diet does not work with them. But have you ever thought the reason behind the weight loss? For healthy and effective weight loss for long run the combination...Read More

Ideal Weight Loss

If you were given a choice to lose weight how much would you want to lose and what should be your ideal weight loss.It would make life comfortable if you know that how much weight you could lose within a month and after x months you would reach a desired weight. Suppose you lose 4 kgs a month...Read More

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