Effective Weight Loss

Effective Weight Loss

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7 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

You can’t seem to lose weight. You eat little and you are pretty regular with your exercising then why won’t your weighing scale budge? You need to read the following 7 Weight Loss Obstacles to discover what is standing in the journey of weight loss – 1. You Don’t Eat Enough Don’t starve yourself to save...Read More

Weight Loss Motivation

Weight loss is a skill which requires higher level of motivation. As its rightly quoted, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. With these inspirational tips to help you succeed, you’ll quickly climb back up the weight loss motivation ladder and feel refreshed and raring to continue with weight loss and see a...Read More

Get Fit in Five Minutes

HT City : Ready to get fit in five minutes. Fitho Wellness shares with the readers of HT City the most effective High Intensity Interval Training program to lose weight and get fit. A quick, high intensity five minute workout routine chart for beginners and people with moderate fitness levels that can be done at...Read More

Ideal Weight Loss

If you were given a choice to lose weight how much would you want to lose and what should be your ideal weight loss.It would make life comfortable if you know that how much weight you could lose within a month and after x months you would reach a desired weight. Suppose you lose 4 kgs a month...Read More

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Different people at different stages of their lives find it difficult to manage their weight. Everyone knows if you consume more calories than you burn you start putting on weight. The most popular reason behind weight gain is eating unbalanced food. Sometimes our intake of food with high sugar, salt or the fat content is...Read More