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Why Self Made Diet Plans Fail at Weight Loss?

When you try to lose weight, the first thing you do, is watch your diet by eating low fat and fat free foods.

Maybe try some of the fad diets like the GM diet (Indian Version), Atkins Diet, Raw Banana Diet or the Lemon Detox Diet, or just a plain crash diet. In the first couple of weeks, you see some weight loss, but in just 2 months, you gain the weight back.

Firstly, all fad diets are extremely unhealthy. Then, everyone’s body has a different chemistry. Due to this, a generic diet plan besides having possible side effects will not result in effective weight loss. Also, many diet plans are not made for Indian diets or vegetarian diets, so many of the diet components either are not allowed in your diet, or are not available in India.

When you decide to try a diet by yourself, you are literally making yourself a guinea pig, since you don’t know if it will work for you. Creating a diet plan is very time consuming. To implement it, is even harder. With the lack of understanding of diets, your body chemistry and lack of experience in creating effective diets, before you start, you’ve already shot your chances of losing weight on the diet.Often self made diet plans are very unrealistic, so they are great to make, hard to implement and even harder to follow.

Besides, many self made diet plans have unbalanced nutrition and thus unhealthy.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Skeptic Javed Loses 7 Kg in 2 Months

Fitho weight loss program’s success story as shared by Mr. Javed Khan.

“My Name is Javed Khan. I am a senior executive at a IT company in Bangalore. Few years back I used to weigh around 70 to 72 kg, but due constant work pressure and sedentary life style I put on some extra 5 to 6 kg and was finding it difficult getting the weight down to around 70 kg.

I tried some regimes on my own and failed.  Got to know about the FITHO weight loss program. Was hesitant at first but after going through some testimonials posted on the site I took a shot at the program. Before the program I used to weigh around 76 to 78 kg. I started with a one month program. I was assigned a dietician who studied my current diet regime and exercise patterns and recommended a diet and exercise plan for each week.

I usually had a feeling that any diet plan would required skipping meals or eating very less. But the diet plan recommended surprised me. It was prepared keeping in mind my existing diet patterns. I thoroughly followed the program as per the plan set forth by dietician and it really did wonders. At the end of one month I weighed around 74 a reduction of close to 3 to 4 kg.

Impressed with this I again continued with the plan for one more month and my weight further reduced to 70 + kg. At the end of two months I weighed around 70 to 71 kg.

I was very impressed with the diet which was provided. It was in line with my regular diet. The dietician saw it that I am not deprived of things I like in my diet. Even the exercises where very comfortable. At the end of first month there was big difference in my looks. The only areas of improvement where the pot belly and love handles. Hence my exercise plan was changed and special exercises for these two regions were included. These new exercised helped reduce the fat around the regions.I would personally recommend the FITHO Weight loss program for anyone who is finding it difficult to lose weight.But you need to follow the plan completely for getting the desired results.”


Click here to  know how to get started on your weight loss program now!

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Eat Vegetables to Lose Weight


According to the recently released food plate the average daily dietary allowance one requires atleast 3 portions of  seasonal vegetables to meet the daily dietary intake. Most of us find it difficult to successfully meet this dietary requirement resulting in poor health, weight gain and nutritional deficiencies. Besides eating vegetables can actually help you lose weight.

There are many excuses for missing the most natural foods in their diet, some of which are eating greens is a task and we purposely skip them, they are tasteless, while some people assure you that they have vegetables in their diet and when asked to review their meals that’s the only thing that’s missing from the diet. Before we get started with the tips let us just give you a quick reminder on why vegetables are good for us:

  • The most natural  and easily available food that contains different vitamins, minerals and thousands of other plant chemicals.
  • Vegetables are low in fat and calories,
  • Good source of dietary fiber and provide us with extra energy. Fiber keeps us fuller for long preventing us from overeating and  frequently eating.
  • Vegetables provide more energy to the body in return helping us be active and burn more calories.

Vegetables are not tasteless and infact can have better flavor & texture than most meats if prepared well. Besides we know the health benefits of seasonal vegetables. If you are not use to eating them we can suggest easy ways of slowly  introducing them to your diet them and finally develop a taste for them. Once you have them as part of your diet trust us you will wonder what kept you away from them for so long!

Here are some quick tips to get more greens in your system without adding too much fuss.

Vegetable  Yogurt (Raita): Easiest and one of the most delicious way of adding raw vegetables to your diet without having to really taste them. Salt, mint and cumin powder is enough to camouflage the taste especially for those who cant stand the sight of them!

Salad: We are not talking about a boring garden salad on the side. Spice thing up by adding a healthy dressing to that boring salad. A dash of olive oil and some fresh lime juice is enough to get the taste buds excited. Besides you to get to add all the health benefits of raw  vegetables in your diet.

Poha: Easiest and the quickest way to add vegetables to your breakfast. Make sure your poha recipe has more vegetables than rice if you are watching your waist too!

Grilled Vegetables on the side: For all those non-vegetarians who enjoy the little grilled vegetable on the side of their meat dish can learn something from the restaurants. Try this simple recipe of grilled vegetable: Cut capsicum, bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots into bite size pieces, put it in a foil, drizzle half a table spoon of oil, add salt and pepper and bake for 15-20 mintues on medium heat. These grilled delights can also be enjoyed by vegetarians.

If you are still not confident and sure how to get more vegetables in your diet then don’t hesitate and mail us at fitness@fitho.in. We will help you plan your diet better, improve your metabolism without depriving your body of essential nutrition. We also provide recipes with our diet plans to help you enjoy the good flavours of healthy food over and above just the benefits.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Are Dried Figs Healthy for Weight Loss

Figs can be eaten either fresh or dry and has a sweet taste and variety of health benefits that it provides. Though in India fresh Figs are not easily available but can be found in the form of dry fruits popularly known as Anjeer. The high amount of calcium, iron and potassium present in it along with the high amount of fiber and low fat makes it a healthy food to include in your diet which can be eaten alone or mixed in yogurt, salad and toppings on cereals and oatmeal.

Fresh Figs (Cr/freedigital)

Figs are  nutritious but do they help in weight loss ? Should one eat figs regularly if you are trying to lose weight. Lately figs are fast becoming popular with nutritionists that are recommending it as a part of weight loss diets. Let us help you understand why it might not be the healthiest weight loss food option.

Lets start with understanding the calorie and nutrition content of figs. Figs are rich in Vitamins A, B1 and B2, manganese and potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, and phosphorus. The high levels of potassium and low sodium helps people with hypertension. High calcium levels present in figs promote bone health. High mucilage content in figs, helps to heal and protect sore throats. Figs also contain beta-carotene as well as benzaldehyde (anti-cancer compound), flavonoids and a digestive enzyme called ficin.

Dried figs provide higher amount of calories than fresh figs and around 100gms provide 220 calories approx. Though it is recommended to be eaten in moderations but its sweet taste and pulp makes it addictive making you eat more than actually required. Other than the calories figs are sweet and have a medium glycemic index of 61 and a glycemic load of 16 which is high.

The high glycemic load (GL) of figs makes the blood sugar levels rise as dried figs quickly release high level of sugar in the body which may not be helpful for people on weight loss and people suffering from type 2 diabetes. The high amount of fiber and high glycemic load makes the body feel satisfied. The GL provides energy and makes you feel fuller longer making you crave less food. This might make you miss out on a balanced diet which is essential to regulate the metabolism in the body.

Besides it high glycemic load figs have other benefits also. The high fiber content improves digestion and benefits people with constipation. The fiber helps in throwing away the toxins out of the body. They have anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants present in them fights diseases and cancer in the body. They help regulate blood sugar levels and reduces cholesterol in the body.

Foods that are sweet and provide quick energy should be eaten early in the day so that the energy released by them can be burnt in the day itself. Also figs are recommended to people who have iron deficiency. Every diet especially available online is very generic and might not be applicable to you. You need a diet plan that is customized to your lifestyle, eating habits and medical conditions. Its important to get professional consultancy from a qualified fitness expert before you start any diet plan.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Does Low Calorie Diet Work?

Have you ever wondered why you have gained weight over a certain period of time? Many of your answers would point to not eating healthy food, not exercising or simply – not making health and fitness a priority. If you know the reasons that have resulted in weight gain then working on those factors could help you lose those pounds again. But does it actually work this way or is there more to losing weight than just eating food.

Lifestyle has a major impact on your weight loss efforts. You were lean before and still eat the same food, but somehow you started gaining weight. Weight gain can happen due to many factors other than just eating unhealthy food. Your sleeping patterns, stress at work, late nights, changing eating patterns, hormonal change, skipping meals, alcohol consumption, smoking, no workouts, sedentary work life, leisurely lifestyle etc. The list can go on and on and there innumerable such reasons which might seem small, but all add up to have a huge impact on weight management.

Exercise plays a vital role in weight management as it helps to improve blood flow and circulation in the body, accelerates metabolism for faster calorie burn and lowers your stress levels. Most people who are really not into working out regularly, walk or jog for 20 minutes once in a while or maybe hit the gym occasionally. What happens after this workout? Drinking some energy drink or eating an unhealthy snack instantly neutralizes the calories burnt and there is no net fat loss! If you are looking to lose weight then you need to burn enough calories through the day to see actual weight loss. It is vital to understand that the calories burnt per day should not exceed the calories consumed. Your regular body functions such as digestion also burn calories. Regular exercise increases calorie burn during rest, making the process easier and faster.

It is difficult to count calories at every meal. Knowing which foods are healthy and unhealthy food is also not enough. Unhealthy foods are fattening but high calorie healthy foods could also lead to weight gain. Dairy,nuts, certain meats, etc. are healthy but excess of it could lead to weight gain. Eating more food than the body requires will store the extra calories over a period, converting it into unhealthy fat.

If you are trying to lose weight and get fit then look for a healthy weight management program where the plan is made according to your lifestyle and your basic body and health requirements. Every human body is unique and responds differently to the same foods and meal patterns. Along with the diet, exercise plays an important role in weight management.

A successful plan should be able to offer you flexibility as well as a structured routine to compliment your fitness level. This is key to keeping you motivated. Your goal should be fitness and not simply weight loss because the main incentive to lose weight is to be healthy. Going after only weight loss might deprive you of key elements, such as loss of muscle and immunity. So you might have lost weight on the scale, but are not healthy and fit. Being on a weight loss diet does not mean you deprive yourself of essential nutrients. Your diet should be healthy and balanced so that whatever weight you are losing, is only unhealthy fat.

So, to lose weight and get fitter and healthier, you need to follow a healthy and balanced diet with proper guidance, supplemented with regular exercise and rest.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Weight Management Tips

People who are overweight, weight loss is the most obvious first step and but once that has been controlled the most critical and difficult step is to manage the weight. Most people find managing weight more difficult than to actually losing weight. There are simple ways of weight management and we will share them with you through this article.

Weight Management(Cr/freedigital)

There is a basic logic behind weight imbalance i.e. you are eating more than you are burning. Simple to say but that is the biggest hurdle. Here are some easy tips on how to get started.

Watch what you buy to eat: Opt for more natural and fresh foods as they not only provide essential nutrition to the body but also keep you fuller for long. Even while shopping for packaged foods that claim to be made of natural ingredients read the ingredients carefully. Insure the first ingredient is natural and the main ingredient is the actual  food instead of sugar or some artificial flavouring used.

Be smart while eating out: Its not that there are only unhealthy options available when you are eating out. Every cuisine can be cooked in a healthy way or has healthy options. Learn to know whats the healthiest option available on the menu. If need be ask the chef on how the dish is prepared or to recommend something healthy for you.

Stop when you feel full: Listen to your stomach and not your heart. Even if the food is delicious and its your favorite dish learn to draw a line. You can have that dish anytime you want and its easily available. Gone are those times where you didn’t know when you will get to eat your favorite food next. With the food revolution your favorite dish is available at every corner or can be easily made at home. This will help you control your portions more effectively.

Get Active: You can simply start this by conditioning yourself to not sitting in one place for more than 2 hours. Some people have desk jobs are bound to get stuck to the chair. You can still work around it. Get up and get yourself a glass of water or tea. Walk to your colleagues work station to discuss the work instead of speaking on the intercom. There is a study that shows that people that are more active have lesser weight issues than people who are not. Get active to be a part of the fit list.

Hunger Pangs: Your body needs food but if you have three proper meals eaten on time and eaten well  this will take care of these recurring hunger pangs at odd hours. Also you feel hungry as often as you condition your body to eat food. The more food you will eat the more hungry you will feel over a period of time. Its all about setting a routine. That doesn’t mean that you eat your dinner before 7: 00 pm, it simply means that ensure you finish your dinner at least 2 hours before your bed time.

With these easy weight management tips you will see managing weight will be a lot easier. You can also look at friends and family for support to help manage your weight better. Involve them in your quest to get fitter. This will help not only push you to staying on track but also get your support group healthier.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Lean Body Tips

You can get lean body as fast as you lose fat from your body and bring fat down to 10% of the body weight. Lean body mass is the weight of bones, organs and muscles in the body other than fat. Reduce the fat on the body and increase the muscle percentage for a leaner body with muscles.

Tips for lean body

Fat: Burn the fat in the body and get the fat percentage below 10%. Reducing fat from the body is important in getting a lean body. Quit eating fattening food and oily food.


Build Muscles: Building muscles will increase the lean body mass and also increase the metabolic rate to burn more fat in the body. Muscles will make the body toned and make you look fitter than usual.

Preloading: It is important to eat according to the body requirement because all the extra calories other than the daily body requirement gets stored as fat. Preload with water half an hour before the meal which will make you eat less along with portion control.

Nutrients: If you are looking for a ripped professional body then you need to balance the intake of protein, carbohydrates and sufficient vitamins and minerals. If there is more carbohydrates and protein in the diet than the body requirement then the extra calorie from them will be stored as fat. (more…)

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Different people at different stages of their lives find it difficult to manage their weight. Everyone knows if you consume more calories than you burn you start putting on weight. The most popular reason behind weight gain is eating unbalanced food.

Sometimes our intake of food with high sugar, salt or the fat content is higher probably because they tend to satisfy us more easily than other foods. Besides these foods are also addictive, the more we have it the more we want it.  All this leads to weight gain. Extra kilos soon start to bother you and you start finding your own pet solutions to get rid of them.

Mostly everyone knows what is healthy and what is not.  The biggest challenge, and often the culprit to any weight problem, is identifying what works best for them. People find it difficult to get on a diet program because they think the food will be tasteless and consist of options that you wont enjoy eating. Fortunately there are diet plans available that are tasty , healthy and promote weight loss without starving you. Which means you don’t have to pay someone to starve you to lose weight!

The next question is “how to get started and find the right weight loss diet plan“.  The first step towards losing weight and getting on a weight loss diet plan is to identify a source that understands your daily nutrition requirement based on your lifestyle & food preferences. Here is a sample of a  healthy weight loss plan by Fitho that has a 96% success rate.

( The portions have been purposely omitted from the sample diet as they are differ according to individual age, gender & BMI)

Sample 1 Day Fitho Healthy Weight Loss Diet Chart 

Indian Veg
Breakfast – Vegetable poha [add carrots, peas, onions], Buttermilk, Pear
Lunch – Steamed rice, Arhar dal, Cauliflower & beans vegetable, Curd
Dinner – Boiled beetroot-radish salad, Kadhai paneer, Mix vegetable [cabbage, capsicum, beans], Chappati

Indian Non-Veg
Breakfast – Omelete, Multigrain toasts, Apple
Lunch – Onion stuffed chappati, Mushroom matar curry, Raita
Dinner – Onion-tomato salad, Chicken curry, Spinach corn vegetable, Chappati

Indian continental veg
Breakfast – Apple & nut [almonds] Oatmeal
Lunch – Radish-tomato salad, Whole wheat vegetable pasta [mushroom, capsicum, broccoli]
Dinner – Lemon-coriander soup, Pan-grilled vegetable whole wheat roll [ French beans, carrots, onions]

Indian Continental non-veg
Breakfast – Scrambled eggs, Multigrain toast, Guava
Lunch –Cucumber, onion & tomato salad, Chicken sandwich
Dinner – Vegetable stew [potatoes, cauliflower, beans], Steamed Rice

A good & successful Weight loss diet plan should be especially created for you and will help you lose weight by bringing a balance to your diet with the right intake of food as per the body requirements.

Experts at Fitho understand this individual difference and therefore create weight loss diet plans that focus on your eating patterns, routines and habits. The focus of the Weight loss diet plans is to ensure that you get enough food to eat to  maintain your adequate  nutrition intake that is required for the body to function correctly.

The Fitho Weight Loss diet plan is based around a healthy balanced diet, according to the age, taste and preferences and appetite.You get eat what you are used to eating  like vegetarian, non-vegetarians, Indian or non-Indian. We ensure that the diet is based around your individual eating habits for practical, effective and sustainable weight loss results. The food options are easy to prepare with a new menu every day.

So start losing weight in 3 steps with the Fitho diet.


— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Get a 3 Day Free Weight Loss Plan, from Fitho

Do wish to feel healthier and fitter?  You want to start a weight loss diet but don’t know what to expect?

We have the answer to your wishes. We at Fitho are providing a Free Weight Loss Plan for you to through the Fitho Weight Loss Mobile App. You can sign up and preview the plan for free. Currently the preview Fitho plan is available for 3 days. All you need to do is sign up, fill the form, tell us about yourself, and get started right away. This program gives you a 3 day customized diet and exercise plan based on your lifestyle, your body type and your food preference. You can also read more about “How It works” here.

Weight Loss Program

Our  weight loss plan is a combination of diet and exercise which is made around your lifestyle, routines, habits, medical issues/allergies (if any). The diet is well-balanced and is based on quality nutrition. The exercises compliment the diet as they are designed to maximize the absorption of nutrition in the body to regulate your metabolism making you look healthier and feel thinner! We also provide you with a  dedicated personal dietitian that we will answer all your queries and personal health tools that will help track your progress. All you have to do is sign up, follow the diet & start losing weight.

Don’t wait and start your free weight loss plan on your mobile today!

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

5 Big Mistakes of Weight Loss

You have tried everything to keep your fat away. You have a healthy lifestyle and are doing everything right to stay fit. Yet the weighing machine doesn’t make you happy. Even after knowing and following everything about a healthy lifestyle by the book certain loopholes in our lifestyle can cause situations leading to the imbalance in the body which causes fat accumulation. We have a few tips on how you can easily overcome these shortfalls and get on track towards being a slimmer you.

Meal (Cr/freedigital)

Unscheduled Meals: Quite a lot of people have the problem of untimely meals which is a big issue. With heavy work pressure, tight schedule, lifestyle and changing body psychology disturbs our eating cycle which slows down the metabolism (more…)

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo