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Whole Fruits Protect Against Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disease which is characterized by high blood sugar levels that result from defects in insulin secretion, or its action, or both. Diet control is an integral part of diabetes care and management. Food selection, preparation, portion size, timing of food consumption, activity adjustments influence diabetes management.

Recently in one study, it is clearly mentioned that whole fruits help in lowering the diabetes symptoms. Fibre is a major content in fruits which actually lowers the symptoms of diabetes. Most fruits, specifically fruits rich in fibers, are beneficial for reducing the blood sugar level. In fruits, Pectin one of the soluble fibre source is considered especially helpful for people with either form of diabetes. Because fibre slows the digestion of foods, it can help blunt the sudden spikes in blood glucose that may occur after a low-fibre meal.

Often people suffering from diabetes avoid fruits out of fear that the sugar present in fruits could push up their blood sugar level. However, this is a false conception.

Sugar present in fruits is usually in the form of fructose. Unlike other forms of sugar, such as sucrose, fructose has low glycemic index. Minimal insulin is needed for the metabolism of fructose. Intake of this fruit sugar is not associated with sudden surge of the blood sugar level. Studies have shown that by reducing cholesterol and triglyceride production, fructose could protect us from diseases such as arteriosclerosis, which leads to heart diseases and stroke.

So, fruits for diabetics are usually those fruits that have high fiber content and have low sugar content as well as low gylcemic index. Check out the fruits that are recommended in diabetes -

Apples: Apples contain antioxidants, which help to reduce cholesterol levels, cleanse the digestive system, and boost the immune system. Apples also contain nutrients that help in the digestion of fats.

Black Jamun: Undoubtedly, this is one of the best fruits for diabetics. It is known to improve blood sugar control. Seeds of these fruit can be powdered and consumed by patients to control diabetes.

Papaya: They are good for diabetics because they are rich in vitamin and other minerals.

Watermelon: Although watermelons have high GI value, their glycemic load is low, making them good fruits for diabetes patients. However, consume watermelon in moderation.

Pineapple: Good for diabetics, pineapples also benefit the body as they are rich in anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Peaches: These tasty fruits are a great healthy treat, with a low GI and good for diabetics.

Oranges: These citrus fruits can be consumed on a daily basis by diabetics, as they are rich in vitamin C.

Guava: Guava controls diabetes and it is good for constipation. Guavas are high in vitamin A and vitamin C and contain high amounts of dietary fiber. This fruit has a reasonably low GI.

Cherries: Their GI value is 20 which makes it a good healthy snack for diabetes patients at any time of the day.

Pear: These delicious fruits are a good snacking option for diabetics as they are rich in vitamins and fibre.

Pomegranate: These tiny red rubies help diabetic people improve their blood sugar level.

Remember these guidelines for including fruit in your diabetes diet -

- Eat whole fruit when you can. It has more fiber and is more filling than fruit juice.
- Avoid fruits that are canned or frozen in heavy syrup, even if you rinse off the syrup.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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5 Steps to Control Your Blood Sugar

India has the highest number of diabetes and pre-diabetics, than any other country in the world. This is not a coincidence.

Indians and south Asians are genetically more prone to diabetes. Further, general lifestyles are becoming more sedentary, and our diets contain more sugar and processed foods like Maida, than before.

This form of diabetes that is acquired from lifestyle is known as Type 2 diabetes. The good news is that Type 2 diabetes can be managed, if you take the correct precautions, and even cure in many cases of pre-diabetes. If you do have diabetes, then you can significantly reduce your risk of acquiring diabetes in your life, by following the correct lifestyle of diet and exercise.

Here are 5 simple & important steps to control your blood sugar, and live healthier -

Reduce the obvious Sugar from your diet

The obvious sugar in your diet is desserts, sweets, chocolates, most packaged juices or when you add sugar to your tea. Finding that kind of sugar is easy. The challenge is to overcome your will power to consume sugary food. Excess sugar can wreak havoc in your body – weight gain, diabetes, imbalance of hormones and much more. So, to control your intake of excess sugar, our tip is that you think about the kind of damage it can do to your body. One tip to replace sugar cravings – is to drink a glass of water, and to keep almonds close by. The texture of almonds, combined with their nutrition can help in overcoming sugar cravings.

Remove the Maida

After sugar, the next food to avoid is Maida. Maida is a processed food that contains negligible nutrition & has a high glycemic index, which is almost the same as sugar. So, while Maida does not taste sweet, it raises your blood sugar levels as sugar does.

Again Maida sneaks into lots of common foods, like Naan, bread, noodles, pasta, pizza, white sauce, burger, buns, and Poori. Stick to foods that are made from Atta, instead of Maida.

Eliminate the hidden sugar in your diet

The hidden sugar in food is tricky. You may not think the food contains sugar, but it mostly does. Examples of such foods are biscuits, packages fruit juices, breakfast cereals, ice cream, Sherbets and fruit squashes.

Most biscuits contain Maida and sugar, both of which are bad for your health.

Even, drinks like Aam-Panna typically have sugar in it.

If it’s a packaged food, check the nutrition label to know for sure!

Snack Healthy

When you are hungry, resist the temptation to grab junk food and choose healthy snacks like almonds. Almonds are a natural source of fiber and unsaturated fat, which have been shown to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and healthy blood glucose levels. And they help you keep fuller for longer. As part of a healthy diet, the antioxidants in almonds can help reduce inflammation and oxidation in those with type-2 diabetes. Almonds have also shown to lower bad cholesterol.


Exercise is key to manage or prevent diabetes. When you exercise, you improve your body’s ability to naturally control sugar levels, and overall make you healthier. So, get some active exercise every day.

Follow these steps, manage your diabetes and live healthier!

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo