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Foods High in Carbs Promote Lifestyle Diseases

It has been widely debated these days that whether eating foods high in carbohydrates has the same negative outcomes as eating a high fat diet.

What impact does eating food high in carbohydrates have on all our body systems, particularly the heart and the pancreas? How this in turn can impact the incidence of lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

To know this we need to know what role the carbohydrates play in our body. Carbohydrates are source of energy that allow our system to work and carry out our daily activities. They are the most important macronutrient that are our core energy source to keep us going. And that is the reason why they constitute a major percentage of our recommended daily calorie needs – almost around 60 percent.

But carbohydrates can play an equal havoc on our body just like excess fats can if not consumed properly. Eating simple carbohydrates such as processed sugar, maida, and corn syrups can cause fluctuations in blood sugar because of their low fiber content. Fibers keep the sugar levels in check as they promote slow absorption into the cells for further use. Eating simple carbohydrates hence can alter the blood sugar levels to extremes leading to overworking of pancreas and causing diabetes.

A complex carbohydrate diet comprising whole unpolished grains, fruits and vegetables is advisable to meet the daily requirement as recommended by ICMR. This does not mean that simple sugars should be completely omitted from the diet. The intake should be controlled and restricted. Also simple sugars should never be consumed in isolation. What is advised is consuming simple sugars along with a fiber source to control the shoot up in blood sugar levels.

These days, eating foods high in carbohydrates especially simple carbohydrates as junk food is one of the main factors responsible for lifestyle diseases. A recent study shows that a high carbohydrate diet stimulates our brain centers and increases the hunger pangs causing us to eat more. Furthermore, these cravings have been shown to be more in obese people forcing them to eat more than others which in turn increases their weight. Avoiding refined carbohydrates might reduce urges and potentially help control weight.

Exercise is another sure shot way for reducing weight. Exercise is beneficial as it increases the insulin receptors on the cells that bind with insulin to increase the uptake of carbohydrates in the body. But more exercise does not justify the consumption of simple sugars in our diet. Regulating the simple carbohydrate intake is thus the way to go for reducing weight in the longer run.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Foods to avoid on Diabetes Diet- 2

In the first part of this diabetic food series, we told you about some of the foods that diabetics should watch out for. Here is the remaining list:

Pizza: Most pizzas have a base made from refined flour (maida). Besides a high GI, pizza is loaded with fat calories from unhealthy toppings like high fat cheese, oil, preserved meats, etc.

Low fat namkeen:  Low fat snacks and ‘low fat namkeen’ are popular in India. The producers claim that instead of frying, they bake the products. Which probably reduces the fat content, but most of them are still made from foods like refined flour and contain added sugar, which raise the glycemic index. So, diabetics should watch out for these.

French Fries (finger chips): A favourite but these come in at a GI of 75! (GI of sugar is 68) So, for anyone trying to control their blood sugar level or lose weight should keep french fries away :)

Paranthas/Naan: Most paranthas and naan are made from maida (refined flour) which as we’ve discussed raises your blood glucose level. So, avoid them, or make healthy paranthas.

Alcohol: Last but not the least, alcohol is primarily sugar, so it spikes your blood glucose levels significantly. Besides promoting fat storage, alcohol consumption can promote female hormone production in men and lead to male breasts.

Bournvita: Advertised as a healthy mix- this is a sugar added health drink, so not exactly diabetic food :)

Corn Soup: Whether is chicken corn soup or veg, corn soup uses corn flour as a base ingredient, which has a high glycemic index. Go for clear soups instead. To find the healthiest food when eating out- see this for healthy options in Chinese food, eating healhy at Italian restaurants, and healthy choices in Indian Mughlai food.

Other foods that diabetics should avoid
Desserts (like cakes, pastries), Indian sweets (barfi, sandesh, gulab jamun, kheer, etc.), waffles, rice cakes, doughnuts, pancakes, potato, soft drinks, sugar added cereals, honey, bagel, corn chips, burgers, noodles, crossiants, pastries, jams, cola/orange bars.

Find out what goes into the food you eat. If its got sugar, refined flour or corn flour, keep it away. Its hard to remove sweet foods from your diet completely, so to substitute for sugar we did an analysis of the healthiest sugar substitute between Aspartame, Saccharin and Sucralose, Stevia.

So, watch your diet, manage your blood sugar, and fix your diabetes!

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo

Foods to be Avoided with Diabetes

People with diabetes are required to manage their blood sugar levels. So, many diabetics watch out for sugar in their diet,

But is that enough? We have a list of foods besides sugar that could be equally harmful for diabetics, because they have a high Glycemic Index. Foods with high Glycemic Index increase blood glucose levels. For non-diabetic people, when your blood glucose level rises, your body produces insulin to reduce the increased blood glucose levels. People with diabetes are not able to produce enough insulin to reduce blood sugar levels. As a result of this, its important for them to avoid foods with high Glycemic Index.

So, what are the foods that diabetics must watch out for, besides sugar and sugar based foods? Let’s find out…

Dates: It sounds like a healthy fruit, but it has a Glycemic Index of 103 (sugar has a glycemic index of 68!).

Corn Flakes: Mistaken to be healthy, this breakfast cereal has a high Glycemic Index of 87. Often, HFCS is used in corn flakes, that has been linked to obesity- read more about corn flakes.

White bread: We’ve warned you before about how white bread is your weight loss enemy. Besides having a  high Glycemic Index of 73, this food has truly no nutrition besides empty calories.

Biscuits/Cookies: Another food that is often mistaken to be healthy, besides the fact that biscuits can promote weight gain, the primary ingredients are refined flour and sugar, both of which have a high Glycemic Index, so it raises your blood sugar significantly. Definitely a no-no food for diabetics

Packaged fruit juices: The Glycemic Index of most fruits fall into the low or medium category, which is acceptable, but packaged fruit juices are not good for diabetics. Most packaged fruit juices have added sugar. Even without the added sugar, many fruit juices have a high Glycemic Index. Find the Fitho choice of healthiest orange juice and healthiest mango drinks.

Our list of surprising no-no foods for diabetics is not over yet. Part 2 of this series, for the complete list of danger foods for diabetics, including the one that’s advertised as a health food!

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo