Delhi Running Routes

Delhi Running Routes

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Jahanpanah City Forest- Running Route South Delhi

Jahanpanah City Forest at Chirag Delhi has a 6.7 km running trail in the middle of the south Delhi. Its a great running location, considering that the forest is surrounded by really crowded, high traffic areas- Alakhnanda, Chirag Delhi, Lado Sarai, Greater Kailash-2, GK-3, GK-4, Tughlakabad Extension, Saket, etc. Its a completely paved trail, with...Read More

Bored of the Gym? Play a Sport at Siri Fort

Everyone enjoys a little change in the usual boring routine. Working out in the gym can definitely get boring. So, why not play a sport? Active sports aid developing muscle, burning calories and improving reflex action- Due to the new movements and reflexes needed to develop for a new sport, your brain makes more connections...Read More

Jog to live longer in Delhi (Hauz Khas)

Researchers have found that regular jogging or any constant aerobic exercise may reduce people’s risk of disabilities and help them live longer and healthier. Read this article by Time magazine for more detail: Joggers live longer For jogging/running in Delhi, a great place is in Hauz Khas park. There is a large man made lake...Read More