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What is a weight loss plateau and how to overcome it?

Have you ever hit a weight loss plateau? For weeks you were consistently losing weight on your program, but suddenly your weight gets stuck for a few days. At that point you get discouraged and worried and are willing to try shortcuts like pills, crash diets, etc. or are willing to give up the weight...Read More

Best Weight Loss Foods

Are you looking to lose weight and dont know how to get started. Your search stops here. We have put together a list of  foods that will help you lose weight fast. Try substituting your current meal options with these super healthy foods and see a difference in just a few weeks. The best thing about these foods...Read More

Indian Diet for Weight Loss

Fad diets mostly don’t focus on a balanced diet for  weight loss. For instance take low calorie diet. Here they cut off the carbohydrates so that the body outsources it energy from burning fats. Well if the body does take energy from fat then what about the vitamins and minerals from carbohydrates which are fruits,...Read More

Dieting for Weight Loss?

Many of us want to lose weight and have tried unsuccessful tips for weight loss. Some tips that work with a few and some don’t work with many. Yo-yo diets find no place when it comes to gaining results. The general impulse to weight loss is dieting and people have their own mind behind it rather than...Read More

Ideal Body Weight

Commonly ideal body weight is calculated  with a formula that takes into consideration your height in accordance to your weight ? But is it the ideal body weight to refer to? Not really, as ideal weight does not only depend on height but on many other factors like the fat percentage in the body, muscles...Read More

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Quit believing in myths and start getting real. Rev up your metabolism naturally through food and workouts.  Clock your meals and sleep patterns at a definite time allowing your body adapt to the patterns to show results. Avoid yo-yo diets or crash diet and stick to your normal routine. Instead know the foods that you...Read More

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