Corn Flakes Nutrition

Corn Flakes Nutrition

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High Carb Foods can cause Heart Attacks

A new study from Tel Aviv University showed what happens in your body when you eat high-carbohydrate foods. And the results show that eating too much bread might be bad for your heart… Researchers fed healthy volunteers one of four meals: cornflakes with milk, a pure sugar mixture, bran flakes, or a placebo (water). (We’ve...Read More

Foods to be Avoided with Diabetes

People with diabetes are required to manage their blood sugar levels. So, many diabetics watch out for sugar in their diet, But is that enough? We have a list of foods besides sugar that could be equally harmful for diabetics, because they have a high Glycemic Index. Foods with high Glycemic Index increase blood glucose...Read More

Are Corn Flakes healthy or fattening?

Corn flakes have successfully managed to take the top position in most household’s breakfast menu. Adding cereal to your diet is essential and healthy. But do you know that all kinds of cereals are not healthy for you. The base ingredient in corn flakes is corn, but along with that the other major ingredients include...Read More