Core Muscles

Core Muscles

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Exercise Tips for the Perfect Body

If there are clothes available according to your body type then why not have personalized workouts that work the best with your individual body type. To make it simple we have divided the most common body shapes in women in four different categories. The categories are: pear,straight, curvy and athletic. Here are some easy tips to...Read More

Abs – Best Exercises to Get Them!

We all have abs hidden under layers of fat. Well defined abs are a lot of hard work that require burning away all the fat on it with the help of a strict diet and exercise. . If abs is what you are looking to work on then check out this list of exercises below...Read More

Is your ab workout hurting your back?

With most movie stars flaunting 6 pack abs, its all the rage in gyms across India. Many people have a general consensus that you get a 6 pack by doing lots of crunches! Not true. We’ve told you the secret to 6 pack abs. And to get them, you don’t need to workout your abs...Read More