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Find informative articles on Bloating, related to health. Stay updated with the latest and most comprehensive information related to Bloating.

Study says Lose Weight to Earn More

Could being fat make you lose your job or make you earn lesser than your co-worker? A recently published study shows a noticeable correlation between overweight and a decreased employment rate. This shows that a lean person could thin your chances for a job or a good salary. It has been noticed that people have suffered monetary loss...Read More

Raw Vs Cooked Food- Which Is Healthier?

Ever wondered that why is it that we eat some foods raw and some that we cook before eating. The health myth around it is that cooking the food kills bacteria and it is not safe to eat it raw. Firstly not all foods can be eaten raw for eg. meats. Meats can’t be eaten raw...Read More

Reduce Bloating & Water Retention

Most people experience water retention or bloating at some point or another. Eating certain foods or health conditions can increase it. It leads to increase water storage in your body, leading to increased weight, bloated feeling and overall feeling heavy. Wonder how you can avoid it or reduce it. We have tips for you, on...Read More

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