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Bikram Yoga

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Find informative articles on Bikram Yoga, related to health. Stay updated with the latest and most comprehensive information related to Bikram Yoga.

Is Hot Yoga Healthy?

Hot yoga is one of the fastest growing yoga styles in the world. It involves a series of postures performed in a studio that is heated to 40 degree Celsius of temperature and has 40% humidity. The demanding nature of poses and the increased heat are designed to raise your heart rate and tire your...Read More

Yoga for weight loss

Yoga helps in weight loss by improving muscle flexibility, strength, stamina and circulation of blood. The yoga asanas along with correct breathing technique and correct posture help in creating the perfect balance between the mind and body. Yoga compliments the other forms of more active exercises and can never substitute it. Yoga is fit for...Read More

Bikram Hot Yoga- Benefits, Myths

I’m sure you’ve heard that Bikram Yoga is all the rage. We’ve all seen pictures of half naked people sweating their bodies away in super heated rooms while holding all those difficult yoga positions! So, here’s a little bit about Bikram Yoga- it was developed by Bikram Choudhury- born in Calcutta; but currently lives in...Read More

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