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Do you know which is the healthiest cooking oil?

What is it that makes a cooking oil healthy and whats in it that effects heart health?  Cooking oil has fat that has various health functions that makes it so important in our diets. Read along to understand different how different types of oil are healthy or healthy depending on their fat content. Cooking oils are healthy but need to be used in moderation for better health.

Olive Oil (Cr/freedigital)

We have always read that fat is not healthy for the body and often causes weight gain, heart diseases and increases cholesterol. Our body requires essential fatty acids for absorption of vitamins, better hormonal function, regulating blood sugar levels, storage of energy, controlling inflammation and brain development. Most importantly it adds flavor to the food. Fats are generally categorized as saturated fat and unsaturated fat. Saturated fat is difficult to break and is difficult to digest. It has high boiling point and freezing point. These fats are usually solid at room temperature and have a longer shelf life. Where as the other fat is unsaturated fat which is further divided into two categories of poly saturated fat and mono saturated fat. These fats are liquid at room temperature and have low boiling and freezing point with a shorter shelf life.

Unsaturated fat is unhealthy for the body and increases cholesterol while the polysaturated fats which contain the essential fatty acids improve cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol in the body. When unsaturated fat is hydrogenated it is called trans fat which increases the shelf life of products. The chips and commercial fried foods contain hydrogenated fats. Trans fats are not so healthy as they increase cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL which have severe effects on th health.

Cooking oils are either derived from  animal sources or plant sources. We have heard that certain oils are more beneficial and improve health when used for cooking whereas some oils are unhealthy. Deep fried foods are cooked in oils which have more  saturated fat as it has high boiling temperature which does not let the oil burn and bear its characteristics. Watch this video for more information.


Sometimes fats lose their characteristic upon boiling and don’t remain healthy and develops qualities that may result in bad health.
There are different oils present in the market like ghee, sunflower oil, safflower oil, peanut oil, olive oil, mustard oil, coconut oil, flax seed oil, sesame oil, rice oil etc of which some contain more of saturated fat and are not so healthy while some contain more of unsaturated oil which are healthy. You can consume about 30% of your daily calories requirement from fat through cooking oil. Here is a list of some of the healthier cooking oils available in the market.

Below are some healthy cooking oil with their characteristics

Mustard Oil: The oil is derived from pressing the mustard seeds. It contains very less of saturated fat and more of unsaturated fat. It contains omega 3 acid and omega 6 essential fatty acids about 12%. It is liquid at room temperature and is has its own characteristic smell and brown colour. In Indian cuisines it is used to cook stir fried veggies at low temperature as they add flavour to the food. The erucic acid present in it is controversial for its benefits. It is used for massaging at various places.

Olive Oil: It is called the healthiest of all cooking oils and is present in different variants like extra virgin oil etc. The variants have different properties and used differently. Olive oil is primarily unsaturated fat and just 12% of saturated fat and improves heart health and increases good cholesterol. It has a lot of vitamins E & K with essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Extra virgin quality is used for skin, shaving oil but not used for cooking usually as it loses its characteristic upon heating.

Peanut Oil: Peanut oil has a high smoke point and is often used for deep frying. The oil is healthy as it contains higher content of unsaturated fat and less of saturated fat making it  healthy and in fact improves coronary benefits. It is high in energy and has a long shelf life. It brings a aroma and flavor to the food it is cooked with.

Sunflower Oil: It is one of the most common cooking oil used for cooking which we refer to as refine oil. It is high in unsaturated fat and is rich in essential fatty acids. It can be used in food for cooking on high temperature. It is often used in commercial products  and for deep frying of foods like french fries and chicken etc. It contains vitamin E & K as other nutrients in it. The plain taste makes it available to be used in various dishes.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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Why New Year Resolutions of Weight Loss, Fail?

Believe it or not, the year is almost over. Think back to the beginning of the year, when you made your resolutions. Was one of your resolutions around your fitness? Lose weight, add muscle, reduce the belly, get toned, the list goes on… Have you reached your goal?

Most of you will respond no. Wonder why? No, its not because you were too busy to do it, or stuff happened.

Photo- Woman with Tape Measure (hyg27@flickr)

Most of us decide on losing weight, so we’ll discuss that here. At the year end, we promise ourselves, that we will lose 10 kg this year, or get a six pack, or look like a model. Great goal to start with. Losing 10 kg or getting a six pack is not that easy, but its a good target to start with.

Then, to achieve it, you probably decided to watch your diet and maybe join the gym. If you decided to watch your diet, you probably decided to completely eliminate all fried foods and indulgences like ice cream, cakes, etc. Worked for a couple of weeks, and then you dropped off the wagon.

Most of these weight loss diets fall into 3 categories:

- Eat less food: Just eating less doesn’t work well since your body is wired to need a certain amount of daily calories. When you reduce your food (and thus your calorie) intake, your body (and brain) react by making you feel tired, hungry & snappy. Also, eating less slows your metabolism, and so your burn fewer calories. Skipping meals can increase your body’s fat storage. So, for every calorie you eat, you store more fat!

- Eat less carbohydrates or fat: Completely eliminating a food group like carbs does not work for 2 reasons. First is that your body needs carbohydrates to power functions like your brain. The only food your brain accepts is carbs. Secondly, removing or drastically reducing carbohydrates from your diet, can lead to ketosis, bad breath & other side effects of Atkins Diet.

Removing fat is not recommended for 3 reasons:
1. Fat takes longer to digest so it actually improves absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract.
2. It improves satiety from food. So, it keeps you from getting hungry for longer.
3. Removing fat from food like dairy makes it more processed. And we believe that eating food the most natural way is best for you.

When you deprive yourself of an indulgence like say chocolate, your brains makes your body crave that food even more. And when you do break down and eat it, you binge on it. Not exactly a weight loss friendly activity.

- Try a fad diet, that are completely unhealthy & have side effects.

If you joined the gym, you probably stopped going after a 4-6 weeks, ranging from a multitude of reasons, ranging from sore muscles, to insane workouts, or the biggest excuse- lack of time. We’ve already told you why walking is completely ineffective for weight loss.

The last thing that people try are weight loss tricks- like drinking hot water & lemon, or avoiding fruits like banana and mango. These are tricks, so they never work to give you weight loss results. Drinking green tea will aid weight loss, but you will never lose the belly, from just drinking cups of green tea.

Why is it that year after year, more people try to lose weight, but overall our waists are only getting larger. Is there hope for losing weight?
Yes, there is plenty of hope. You just need the right guidance to lose weight effectively. Most self made weight loss plans fail miserably.

First, just a diet plan or an exercise regime is not enough to lose weight effectively. For that, you need a balance of both. When an effective exercise plan is combined with a healthy nutrition plan, that’s when you get results.
Till date, we have had 100% success with all our clients who have gone for our combination plans (diet and exercise) & stuck with them, even for a month!

Below are some of the reason why our diet plans work:
- Our diet plan provides balanced meals that keep you healthy and fit.
- Our diet plan provides practical food options, that work with your lifestyle.
- Our diet plan give you weight loss results. See our weight loss success stories.
- Our diet plan don’t make you starve to lose weight.
- Our diet plan provides delicious food options, so you enjoy losing weight
- Our diet plan cater all types- vegetarian, non vegetarian, etc.
- Our diet plan help you live a healthier lifestyle & lose weight
- Our diet plan make weight loss easy.

Here are reasons why our exercise plans work (for both men & women)
- Our weight loss exercise programs help increase metabolic rate, your body’s fat burning power.
- Our exercise programs provide fitness goal setting and tracking.
- Our exercise programs can be done anywhere- home, gym, park, even office.
- Our exercise plans help you tone your muscles: See how SG got toned and hot.
- Our weight loss workouts help you protect yourself from injury
- With our exercise programs, you don’t need a personal trainer- home or gym
- With our exercise programs, you don’t need to buy fancy equipment.
- Our exercise plans are time saving and effective.
- Our exercise plans can make you look younger. Suresh looks 10 years younger.

As a combination, they can incinerate your fat.

So, don’t get into a fad diet, or a weight loss book.
Get an effective weight loss plan & see that waist whittle away. Get healthier, fitter and sexier!

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo