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Belly Fat and Health Risks for Indians

With SRK along with a whole chain of others sporting six-pack abs, its become all the rage in India. Most Indians want to know how to build six pack abs! But a six-pack is not all about looking good. It has a lot to do with people’s health as well.

Belly fat is the major reason why most Indians don’t have a six pack and it is this extra tyre around waist that can actually be harmful to the health of Indians. Belly fat is the worst kind of fat. Read on to find out -

The fat that settles around your belly secretes substances known as adipokines which raise your risk of heart disease. It also produces:

Resistin- A hormone that leads to high blood sugar.

Angiotensin- A hormone that raises blood pressure.

Along with this, those love handles also affect your risk of heart attacks and strokes. That should give you reason enough to get up and take action about losing the fat around your waistline.

So, strip away that fat and proudly show off that hot body of yours. And don’t think you can’t have a hot body.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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