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Running in your city

Do you want to start running? But don’t know how. Maybe you need motivation, maybe you need company, maybe you just need the right information! We have information to get you started- Tips to Run Better- Part 1, Tips to Run Better- Part 2, Tips to Run Better- Part 3. If you need a proper running plan to get you started, call  Fitho.

Studies have shown that people who workout with partners, have a higher probability of sticking to their workouts and produce better fitness results. Both the competitiveness and company help with motivation. If you want to start running and are looking for company, ‘Running and Living’ is here to help you. They’ve helped to organize running clubs in your vicinity. Check with them for one or more of these running clubs in your vicinity and get in touch, plan runs together, get solutions to your running problems and stay in touch. If you are a running regular, but don’t have a club near you, then email them if you want to set one up and they’ll help to get it going.

Photo: Local Run in Gurgaon

Running and Living also organizes runs in Delhi. So, spread the word, and get your friends, colleagues and neighbours to join in- to run or to cheer.

— this article is written by a dietitian @ FitHo
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