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Suresh’s Success- Diabetes and Weight Loss- Fitho Answers

Have you met Suresh? Suresh is a Mumbai based 34 year old PR professional who was diagnosed with diabetes. With Fitho, he lost 10 kgs of weight, brought his sugar down to 140 mg and looks 10 years younger. See his before and after photos below and read more about his story.

Besides this, we have also launched Fitho Answers. You send us your questions/concerns over health and fitness and our in-house experts will send you the answers. Read more below.

Suresh- Weight Loss Success Story (Diabetes and Weight Loss)

In Feb 2009, Suresh was diagnosed with high blood sugar (diabetes) measuring at 340 mg. With Fitho’s help on diet and exercise, in 3 months times, his bloog sugar came down to 140 mg. He lost over 10 kgs of weight and looked 10 year younger.

Congratulations to Suresh! His story only shows that weight loss can be easy, with the right diet plan and exercise plan. Read more about how Suresh overcame diabetes & weight problems.

If you need weight loss diet plans or exercise plans, call Fitho.

Fitho Answers: To help you further in your quest for weight loss, we have launched Fitho Answers.  Just email your questions to Get anwers from our experts within 24 hours. You can ask health fitness questions on any of the following topics:

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So, go on and make your weight loss happen with Fitho!

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