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Study says Lose Weight to Earn More

Could being fat make you lose your job or make you earn lesser than your co-worker? A recently published study shows a noticeable correlation between overweight and a decreased employment rate. This shows that a lean person could thin your chances for a job or a good salary.


It has been noticed that people have suffered monetary loss in getting appraisals, packages  and job offer. This stands true in companies where there is  direct interface between the company and client. Especially service industry like aviation, hospitality, beauty, marketing, PR employ attractive and fit employees as good presentation is critical to their business. This ideology is gaining relevance and is slowly been accepted and followed by many companies world over.

In fact a study by Judge and Cable tells that especially women who were underweight fetched a higher salary than their fat counterparts.

Besides the physical attributes employees that are fitter have better mental health, stronger immunity, are less stressed, are mostly happy which reflects in their performance. Employers want to invest in stable resources that help grow their business.You can also get an edge for yourself and demand a higher salary package by getting fit and looking good.

Tips To lose weight

Diet: Eat nutrition rich diet that will benefit you. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, beans and low fat dairy. Its not difficult to find healthy options to eat even when you are  eating out. Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet and avoid processed food.


Exercise: If you dont like the gym then join a sport to get some exercise. Exercise is important to not only lose weight but important for stronger mind, better immunity. Exercise works both internally and externally. While your body and mind gets healthier it will also show on your face.

Drinks: Consuming aerated drinks more than water is a big problem with most people. The colas, sweetened sodas, ice-creams, iced teas, the sugar in your coffees add hundreds of calories to the calories consumed by diet. Alcohol adds it further to get stored as fat which seems so impossible to get rid of. Switch to drinking more of cold water for revved metabolism, green tea for skin, weight loss and antioxidants, coffee and tea without milk and less sugar and choose buttermilk instead.

Fast Food: Empty calories from jumk food which add no nutrition are high and fattening. The high amount of sodium present in them further adds to water retention in the body causing bloating at times. Choose fresh garden food over fast foods.

If you cant figure out how to get started then get some professional help. Read here to know how to choose a good professional weight management service.

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