Stop walking to lose weight!

Once you cross your mid 20s, most people who think about weight loss, first try to fix it through diet only, since that seems simple. If that doesn’t work, they try to do walk off the weight! If you’re one of those people trying to stay fit by walking, our guess is that you’ve been walking for a while now, but your weight is stagnant.  Wonder why? No its not your age, or genetics, or your body chemistry..

You’re not losing weight because you’re walking! Walking is a really light exercise. When you first start walking, you might lose some weight, since your body is not used to any exercise. But within a month of walking exercise, your body gets used to walking. So, walking the same distance is less strenous- as a result, you burn fewer calories.

So, how can you lose weight by jogging/running? Simple .. do some more strenous exercise, like running (or jogging.. same thing). Running will not only burn upto 40% more calories for the same distance, but it helps to build muscle… along with a host of other running benefits. Read this articles to see running weight loss benefits how running is better than walking!

Is there an age limitation to jog/run? No, there is no limitation. You could be over 50 and run on a regular basis. As you get older, your metabolic rate slows down, so to avoid putting on weight, you need to work harder at it.

Along with exercise, its also important to watch your diet. Get a proper diet plan to manage your weight, and get some exercise to keep yourself strong.



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  • Caroline

    I would be sooo happy to get out and walk! Darn. I have a tough time with the idea of running as it is so hard on the joints. I was a competitive swimmer for years of my life and I know that is the exercise I need. It is low impact and great for the heart. I also take Vidazorb probiotics and have read tons of info on probiotics and the ways it is showing help for people with weight. So, I guess we just do what we can and hope for the best! Caroline

  • Rosalie Lynch

    I agree that walking will not drop weight quickly. However, it is important to testify that for some people walking is encouraged for a healthy lifestyle. There are so many exercises to choose from and for some people walking in a beginning. Interval, Power, Race, Nordic walking will certainly help in weight loss. A gentle walk is called a mindwalk for peace of mild and clearing the brain to carry on in life. I Nordic Walk every day with a slow down of Interval walking to cool down. I sweat, raise my pulse and get a TOTAL body workout all at the same time. I’m a Healthy Walker.

  • Fitho

    Running on soft ground is not bad for your joints, esp if you’re not doing long distances over 7-10 kms. Swimming is great low impact cardio.

    @Rosalie Lynch
    As we mentioned in the article, walking is a good way to start, but running is what will really help you lose the pounds. Also, running can be extremely therapeutic!

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