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Stop Eating Junk Food

Your body is like a machine. Let’s say a car. You put fuel in your car to produce power, so it can take you to places. But let’s see why you should eat good quality food and stop eating junk food?

In your car, you would always put the right fuel. If you use lower quality or dirty fuel and your car doesn’t run as well.

So, why would you put lower quality fuel in your body. Sure you’re busy, or you’re traveling, or doing something else. But why compromise on the nutrition you get. To get things done, you need your machine (body) to produce energy. But if you fuel it with junk, the energy you get from it and the state of the machine will also be of the same quality. Junk food will clog your arteries and body with junk and dirt, to keep it sputtering.

You only use your car when you need to drive somewhere. But your body, you use it all the time, for all possible purposes. So, the food you consume could possibly affect everything you do- your work, partying, playing and last but not the least, your performance in the sack.

Wouldn’t you want this machine to be in the best condition possible.

- this article is written by a wellness coach @ FitHo
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