Special K Diet, Special K challenge- does it work?
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Special K Diet Challenge: Does It Work?

You’ve probably seen the Special K cereal advertisement for the Kellogg’s Special K Diet Challenge: 2 meals, 2 weeks, and lose upto 2.5 kg of weight!

What is the Special K diet challenge? Does the Special K diet really help you lose weight? If it does, is the Special K diet challenge really good for your health? And will the weight loss stay off?

We did the research, so read on..

What is the Special K Diet Challenge? On the Special K Diet challenge, you are supposed to eat two bowls of Kellogs Special K cereal and one fruit for breakfast and another meal (lunch or dinner). The 3rd meal is supposed to be a healthy well balanced meal. If you’re hungry between meals, then you can have 3 to 5 servings of fruits and or vegetables. Along with this, you are also supposed to exercise for 30 minutes a day.

One bowl of Special K cereal contains 120 ml of skim milk and 30 gm of Special K cereal. Totally, that is 210 calories. Add a fruit, at approx 60-100 calories. That is 300 calories per Special K cereal meal.  An average healthy meal is say about 600 calories. Add a couple more snacks of fruits and veggies in the day, each at about 100 calories. That’s a total of 1200-1500 calories per day. Most people’s daily calorie intake ranges between 2100 to 2500 calories. So, on the Special K diet, you are consuming upto 900-1000 calories less per day.

Such a large reduction in your daily calorie intake (about 1000 calories less) can almost be considered a crash diet. If you add 30 minutes of moderate exercise, that’s another 250-300 calories. So, the Special K diet and 30 minutes of exercise, can create a daily calorie deficit of upto 1300 calories.

Is the Special K Diet challenge healthy? Two bowls of Kellogg’s Special K with skim milk does provide some nutrition- you get the benefits of milk. The Special K challenge could be healthy or unhealthy, depending on how you balance the third meal, and your other mid meal snacks.

Is it Special K Diet challenge realistic? Reducing upto a 1000 calories per day besides can be unhealthy, and unsustainable, since the sudden calorie reduction will make your body crave the food its missing a lot more.

So, what’s the verdict on the Kellogg’s Special K Diet Challenge? We think its difficult, since it cuts down your calories significantly. Over 2 weeks, this could lead to 2.5 kg of weight loss, but assuming that you are currently doing no physical activity.

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