Are You "Skinny Fat" and Unhealthy?

There are a plenty of people out there who are thin even though they don’t exercise. Sounds like a perfect situation – no sweat and remain skinny. But things might not be as rosy, since plenty of those non-exercisers who are thin are that way because they don’t eat right. These people are called “skinny fat” people.

skinny fatIn a study by the Mayo Clinic of over 1,100 women, a whopping 54% turned out to be ‘normal weight obese’ which basically means that even though their weight is in the healthy range, they were carrying around a body fat of more than 30%. This puts “skinny fat people” at nearly four times the risk of metabolic syndrome and double the risk of diabetes.

So, like we always say, ensure that its your body fat that you’re concerned about, not your weight. Even if you’re in the healthy body fat range, its always good to get some cardiovascular, strength training and a healthy diet. Don’t like to sweat? Go for a swim. Find exercise too boring? Go play a sport. Basically, get up and put those muscles to some use.

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