Skeptic Javed Loses 7 Kg in 2 MonthsFitho
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Skeptic Javed Loses 7 Kg in 2 Months

Fitho weight loss program’s success story as shared by Mr. Javed Khan.

“My Name is Javed Khan. I am a senior executive at a IT company in Bangalore. Few years back I used to weigh around 70 to 72 kg, but due constant work pressure and sedentary life style I put on some extra 5 to 6 kg and was finding it difficult getting the weight down to around 70 kg.

I tried some regimes on my own and failed.  Got to know about the FITHO weight loss program. Was hesitant at first but after going through some testimonials posted on the site I took a shot at the program. Before the program I used to weigh around 76 to 78 kg. I started with a one month program. I was assigned a dietician who studied my current diet regime and exercise patterns and recommended a diet and exercise plan for each week.

I usually had a feeling that any diet plan would required skipping meals or eating very less. But the diet plan recommended surprised me. It was prepared keeping in mind my existing diet patterns. I thoroughly followed the program as per the plan set forth by dietician and it really did wonders. At the end of one month I weighed around 74 a reduction of close to 3 to 4 kg.

Impressed with this I again continued with the plan for one more month and my weight further reduced to 70 + kg. At the end of two months I weighed around 70 to 71 kg.

I was very impressed with the diet which was provided. It was in line with my regular diet. The dietician saw it that I am not deprived of things I like in my diet. Even the exercises where very comfortable. At the end of first month there was big difference in my looks. The only areas of improvement where the pot belly and love handles. Hence my exercise plan was changed and special exercises for these two regions were included. These new exercised helped reduce the fat around the regions.I would personally recommend the FITHO Weight loss program for anyone who is finding it difficult to lose weight.But you need to follow the plan completely for getting the desired results.”


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