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Should You Lose Weight or Lose Fat?

Often, both fat loss and weight loss are mistaken to be the same, but its really not. Think about it- losing weight basically means that when you step on that weighing scale, you should weigh less. Now you’ve lost this weight since there is less of something in your body. The options are fat, muscle or water. Losing fat is ideal, but losing muscle is detrimental to your health. Muscles help burn calories even when you’re sleeping. Basically, your body takes energy to maintain itself. If you have more muscle in your body, then it takes more energy to maintain it. In fact, it takes about 10 times the energy to maintain the same amount of muscle as it takes to maintain fat.

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With incorrect weight loss strategies, like skipping meals, fad diets, and staying hungry, people end up losing muscle. Your body has to maintain itself whether you feed it or not. So, when you don’t feed it for a long time (like when you skip meals), it starts looking for stored energy in your body. Instead of burning fat, it burns muscle to get that energy. So, when you skip a meal the next time, remember that you’re harming your muscles. Lesser the muscle in your body, lesser the energy it takes to maintain it. But you still eat the same amount of food, so you land up storing the extra energy in the form of fat. Its a vicious cycle.

Also, muscle is denser that fat. So, you might lose fat, gain muscle- as a result you look slimmer and are much fitter. But on the weighing scale, you might still weigh the same.

So you see, using your weight as your fitness yard stick is inaccurate.

The solution, use your fat loss as a yard stick. How do you measure it? No, you don’t need a $200 body fat measuring contraption. All you need is a simple measuring tape & you’re set. Measure your waist, thighs, hips, arms- whatever your problem areas are. Get on a good weight loss plan. Note down the measurements on a periodic basis, keep track and watch that shy six pack reveal itself!

This method helps to measure key areas and losing size on your problems area, will help to keep track of your fat loss. That Belly fat is harmful.

Besides the obvious benefits of fat loss- looking hot, healthy heart- did you know that weight loss benefits your sex life too! Further, sex has many health benefits!

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