Running Tips for Summer Months

We’ve talked enough about how running is a great way to keep fit and lose weight. But running in the Indian summer is no joke. So, here are tips on how to keep running in the mean summer months!

1. Hydrate: This cannot be stressed more, but you need to ensure you are well hydrated. Drink 1/2 litre of water before you run. Do this 20 minutes before you actually run, so its not weighing you down.
After you finish your run, get a drink that replenishes you- get a salt and sweet fresh lime soda- gives you electrolytes, vitamins, water and some carbohydrates to help your muscles recover.

More tips below..

Photo- Running Tips for Summer (sebastiendeg@flickr) Photo- Running Tips for Summer (sebastiendeg@flickr)

2. Sweat wicking clothes: These clothes help keep your skin dry, so its easier to run. Cotton clothing absorbs and holds moisture, so it weighs you down and sticks to your skin. Sweat wicking clothes available in stores- big brands as well as non-branded. Get yourself some!

3. Sunscreen: Wear it and protect yourself from the sun! For the Indian skin, SPF 15 sunscreen lotion should be good.

4. Sports Drinks: For advanced runners- if you’re going to run over 45 minutes, carry a sports drink with you- for replenishing carbs and provide hydration

5. No Brainer: But you should try to run in the evening or early morning. Early morning is a little better, since the ground is a little cooler than the evening.

Need a place to run in Delhi? Here’s a list- Siri Fort Sports Complex Running, Running Track- Jahanpanah City Forest, Running  at Lodhi Garden, Hauz Khas Deer Park Running routes. These are all in South Delhi and Central Delhi.

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  • Shrikan

    I am 39 yo
    in 2001, I had quit running after i came back to India as I had a severe nerve pinch in my lower back while doing crunches.
    Since then, I also developed some pain in my knees due to maybe some bad gym instructor tips which caused me to hurt my ligaments in my knee joints.
    Now I see that 8 years is a huge loss I have been through and now not sure how to start running.
    Now if I run for a few steps, I get some pain in my left knee.
    With this huge gap, what is your recommendation that I should do to at least get into a simple jog without stressing my knees too much.

  • Fitho

    Since your knees might be weak and not ready for the impact of running, why don’t you start with some low impact cardio like the elliptical or swimming.
    Also, do some light weights to build muscle in your legs and strengthen your joints.
    This should get you in shape to start running. Also, when you start running, start with the treadmill, or on soft surfaces like grass.
    Hope this helps.

  • Dr. S. N. SHARMA

    How to get the registration form at Baroda, for Airtel Delhi marathon 2009. The registration has started today

  • Ranjit singh gill

    i want to be a part our town marathon, so pls accept my registration

  • Aashish

    I am satisfied.

  • ram

    i am 20 year old and recently few days back i started running and there is lot of pain in my legs ,please give me some tips.

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