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Reduce Stress with Yoga

We all get stressed with some reason or the other depending upon our lifestyle. Work, home, partner, family and different aspects of life can be factors in causing stress. Stress can get difficult when it soars high in level causing anxiety, depression and you start to get inefficient. Stress can be tackled easily through yoga and exercise and help you rejuvenate with booming energy levels. Yoga is highly effective in tackling stress and the body releases endorphin, a chemical that makes you feel good.

Stress is mostly psychological showing its effect on our body and performance. Yoga is highly beneficial, de-stressing with our breathing and body postures that bring down the stress and clear the mind with the thoughts, eases muscles, makes you feel good and refill you with energy to boost you up. Yoga also increases the blood flow,balances the body and reduces the toxins in the body.It improves the immune system and gives the body more flexibility. Here are a few yoga poses that can reduce stress.

Corpse Pose or Shavasan:
Lie flat on the back with legs together and (palms facing up)arms close to the body. Relax your body and mind with this pose. Read here for more about this corpse pose or shavasan.

Half-moon Pose or Ardhachandra-asana:
This pose benefits the lower back, abdomen and chest
by stretching and balancing the body. Start with feet together and arms by the side. Bring both the hands at the chest with palms lightly pressed against each other. Breathe-in while raising the arms straight up keeping palms pressed lightly together. Arch your body backwards while keeping the arms alongside your neck and head. Read More for Half – Moon Pose or Ardhachandr – Asana.

Downward-Facing Dog Pose or Adho Mukha Svanasana:
The Adho Mukha Svanasana helps to cure
backaches, relieve stress and mild depression and revitalizes energy.  The Adho Mukha  Svanasana gives the brain more blood flow and also strengthens the spine.

Forward Bend Pose or Padahastasana:
Stand strainght with arms by your side, exhale and bend touching the floor with your hand. This pose helps in strtching the hamstring of the legs and helps spine and internal organs. Read more for Forward Bend Pose or Padahastasana.

Prosperous pose or Swastikasana:
It is a effective meditative process by sitting evenly and meditating. When combined with pranayama cure many diseases and increases balance in body and mind. Read here for more of prosperity through yoga.

Straight Angle Pose or Samakonasana:
Start the asana with sitting on the ground and stretch the legs forward.  Keep you legs straight and be rested on the ground. Now, slowly stretch your legs sideways so that it should form a straight line and keep the body straight. Stay in this posture for few seconds and then slowly bring back the legs to the normal position. Straight Angle Pose also opens groins and stretches hips, thighs and calf muscles and also strengthens inner thigh muscles.

Do these poses slowly and concentrate on your breathing while performing. Take time for each pose and feel good when doing them and let yourself free. It gives relief not only to the mind but the body too.

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