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Push Up your Fitness & Fat Burn

To be fit is to be healthy and able to do work efficiently. To do work you need muscles. To do more work you need to develop muscle strength through exercise and weight training. Muscles are all over the body useful in performing various movements like running , walking, lifting, pushing etc.

Push Up

Have you been doing your push ups ? Whether you are male or female, performing push ups in your workout schedule will help you burn fat & tone your arms, shoulders, abdominal, mid section and helps build endurance and makes you powerful. It might not sound interesting doing push ups all the time and boring to continuously do it in the same position. Small variations in the push ups will make it more enjoyable and help you progress on muscle development. Here are certain tips to go about push ups.

Intensity: To develop more strength rev up your count in a certain time. First check how many push ups you can do in 2 minutes. Then try breaking the barrier in those two minutes. It is a challenge to yourself and challenging it makes you intensify your ability and strength.

Styles: Little variation with the feet and hands while doing push ups will make it  more interesting and give you the capacity to do more numbers than your usual count. Make the push up more exciting. Keep your body in the the push up position. Go down for a dip and clap your hands immediately once you rise and again go down. This style builds great endurance and helps build back muscles along with shoulders.

Legs: Let your hands remain at the same position and use you feet first for variations. Put one leg on top of the other and do your sets. Do both legs one by one. Secondly, keep you legs on a bench and execute your push ups. Doing push ups with legs on top will strengthen your shoulders and triceps.

Arms: Do you remember Rocky ? The variations with the distance and hand can make push ups difficult and can develop good upper body. First is the regular distance apart, followed by bringing the hands closer to your body and elbows inside. This shifts the tension on the hands from the chest. If you can do it regularly and easily try bringing your hands closer and make a diamond with palms facing downward. Try with one hand once you have good strength in your hands and shoulders. The variations with hands also builds the midsection and the core as we intensify the push ups.

Planks: This is a different push up and involves holding the body for few seconds, balancing the body weight on the hands with toes on the ground. Planks help in warming up the body and is a great exercise to strengthen your upper body, arms and core. This also helps doing the other push up variations. To intensify the planks keep your foot on a bench and check yourself.

Girl Push ups:
For few with injuries, medical problems, age factor or any other factor can do girls push ups. It is also a great way to start working upon your body. We shorten the length by resting on the knees and doing the rest as the regular push ups.

Try doing many variations to increase your counts and capacity. Push ups just require some space on the floor and and can done almost anywhere. You don’t need to join a gym to do these push ups or buy equipments for it. It is highly beneficial for the body and helps in daily activities and keeps the body healthy and fit.

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