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PCOS Diet Plan

PCOS effects many women around the world. Infact it is one of the most common causes leading to infertility in women. Some of the most common side effects of this ovarian disorder are obesity, diabetes, high cholestrol and high blood pressure. Production of too much male hormone results in insulin resistance resulting in all the above stated side effects.

Medicines only help control the syndrome and not the side effects. If you have gained weight due to this medical condition then you have come to the right place to get expert advice on how to manage your weight better.

Fitho's weight loss diet plan has been successfully treating many women around the world suffering from this syndrome. We help you manage your weight & health better. This plan not only helps you lose weight but also boosts your immunity and brings back that glow on your skin!.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have never tried a weight loss program before, How do they work?
There are many weight programs available in the market. Fitho’s weight loss program is the simplest of all weight loss programs. It works on a simple principal of 3 balanced meals a day, no supplements and no exotic foods. All you have to do is share some general information about yourself and you get a customized diet plan keeping in mind your preferred food choices.
What is the basic science behind these diet plans?
The diet plans are based on the age old yogic philosophy of eating three balanced meals a day. Each meal is balanced in order to ensure you meet your daily dietary intake of nutrition as per your age, gender and basal metabolic rate.
How will I get my plan?
As soon as you fill in your general information and make the payment information regarding your username & password is instantly mailed to you. You can click on the link sent to you in the mail or log on to, on the website, the top right section has a "login" button to access your weight loss plan. You can fill in your username and password and get started instantly.
Will I have to buy special diet foods or supplements?
Fitho’s diet plan contains no added supplements. The diet comprises of three regular meals a day that are already a part of your day that consists of vegetables, fruits, cereals, grains, dairy etc. If you eat adequate amount of seasonal fruits and vegetables your body does not require any additional artificial supplements.
How easy is it to stay on this diet, while keeping up with my busy schedule?
Since the diet is customized to your existing food preferences, comprises of three meals a day, consist of easily available food option therefore making it is easy to prepare and follow.
I have tried many diets before but nothing has worked. How is this any different?
Most weight loss programs are based on low calorie intake which makes it easy for your body to stop reacting to the calorie deficit within a few days. Another drawback of such fad diets is that most people put the weight back on and sometimes more than they had lost as soon as they get off the plan. Fitho’s weight loss program is not based on a low calorie format and also offers an option of exercise to see faster results. Here we focus on burning calories and not cutting them.
Who makes these diet plans?
Our team of qualified nutritionists/dieticians and fitness experts work on making each diet and exercise plan. The team has been selected from leading institutes of the country and have a post graduate degree in their area of expertise.

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