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Official Delhi Marathon Registration Dates

We have news for you. The registration for Delhi Half Marathon 2009 starts on Aug 27, 2009. We’ve told you all about the Delhi Half Marathon running event. Here is information on last year’s routes for the Delhi Half Marathon 2008.

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The official date for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is Nov 1, 2009. To train for the Delhi Half Marathon 2009, you need about 2-3 months, depending on your running level and ability.

Running Tips
If you want to start running, or take part in the marathon to lose weight, this is a great opportunity.
– We’ve got simple tips to improve running
Nutrition tips for long distance runners.
– Know if treadmills are better than running outside.
– Find out places to practice running in Delhi

For basic to advanced training plans for running the Fun Run or the Half Marathon, call Fitho.

Update: Please see this for more information on how to register for Delhi Half Marathon.

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