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Myth – Sweating Helps You Lose Weight

Its a common misconception that sweating helps you get fit and is a measure of calories lost. But that can never be true. You sweat because its a natural mechanism for your body to cool down. So, you may weigh up to 1 kg less after an intense, sweaty workout because you’ve lost water weight through sweat. You will gain back all of that weight once you start eating and re-hydrate yourself. The key to losing weight and getting in better shape is by reducing the overall fat content in your body, which can be achieved through a dedicated exercise and diet plan.

For years people have tried to use sweat suits, steam rooms and sauna belts to lose weight. We find it hilarious that people believe those sauna belt ads for weight loss. Excessive use of these might be unhealthy as over sweating can lead to dehydration and its other side effects. In fact, its always recommended to keep drinking fluids as you sweat. Keeping your hydration levels up helps you perform better.

The best way to get fit and reduce fat is to perform a mix of cardiovascular exercises (like running, cycling, etc) and weight lifting, with a balanced diet. So, work up for sweat, and ensure you hydrate yourself at regular intervals.

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