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Ideal Body Weight

Is ideal body weight the way of knowing your healthy weight or is it just a number that tells you whether you and your friend are the same weight.

Well Ideal body weight is a range of weight that tells you whether your weight is in proportion with your height and  gender. But what is more important to understand whether your ideal weight is healthy or not.

While knowing about your ideal body weight  is good, it is important to remember that your weight is only one measure of your health. A person who is not at a “normal” weight according to BMI charts may be healthy if he or she has healthy eating habits and exercises regularly. Whereas, people who are skinny  but don’t exercise or eat nutritious foods aren’t necessarily healthy, just because they are thin.

Importance of having ideal body weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is extremely important for overall health. If your ideal body weight is not appropriate i.e. more than the ideal one then it may contribute to various health problems. Your body will get easily affected by numerous detrimental diseases like:

What You Can Do?

Maintaining a healthy weight is not always easy. The key to success is making changes in daily eating and physical activity habits that can be maintained over one’s lifetime.

Our weight is a result of the combination of the energy one takes in (through foods and beverages) and the energy their body uses (through engaging in physical activity). To lose weight, an individual needs to use more calories than they  consume. To maintain a healthy weight, one needs to balance the calories they use with those they take in. Some ways to create a caloric deficit are:

An interesting study has highlighted gender difference amongst people trying to reach their ideal body weight. According to a study, women tend to consider ideal weight for their height and age lesser than what is medically recommended. This forces them to resort to yo-yo diets to achieve their target. On the other hand, men tend to lean towards the higher range, and to achieve that they work on building more muscle through supplements or a high protein diet.

You can get your ideal body weight that is specific to your age, body type and lifestyle without having to starve yourself by following the balanced healthy diet and regular workout.

Considering the above reference, a standard list of ideal body weight in respect to height has been designed for Indian population:

Men Women
Height Weight Height Weight
4’5 28-35 Kg 4’5 28-35 Kg
4’6 30-39 Kg 4’6 30-37 Kg
4’7 33-40 Kg 4’7 32-40 Kg
4’8 35-44 Kg 4’8 35-42 Kg
4’9 38-46 Kg 4’9 36-45 Kg
4’10 40-50 Kg 4’10 39-47 Kg
4’11 43-53 Kg 4’11 40-50 Kg
5’1 45-55 Kg 5’1 43-52 Kg
5’2 48-59 Kg 5’2 45-55 Kg
5’3 50-61 Kg 5’3 47-57 Kg
5’4 53-65 Kg 5’4 49-60 Kg
5’5 55-68 Kg 5’5 51-62 Kg
5’6 58-70 Kg 5’6 53-65 Kg
5’7 60-74 Kg 5’7 55-67 Kg
5’8 63-76 Kg 5’8 57-70 Kg
5’9 65-80 Kg 5’9 59-72 Kg
5’10 67-83 Kg 5’10 61-75 Kg
5’11 70-85 Kg 5’11 63-77  Kg
6’1 72-89 Kg 6’1 65-80 Kg

Check your ideal weight from the shared data and begin your journey to achieve your desired weight with Fitho. .

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