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Mumbai Marathon 2009 Results – Kenyans Rule Again: Understand Why

Here are the Mumbai 2009 Marathon results. Kenyans ruled once again, like the Delhi Half Marathon. Read our previous article, to understand why Kenyans dominate when it comes to marathons.

Marathon overall: Men:
1. Kenneth Mungara (Ken) 2:11.51;
2. David Tarus (Ken) 2:12:02;
3. John Kelai (Ken) 2:12:23.

Kenyans dominate Mumbai Marathon

Photo- Kenyans dominate Mumbai Marathon

Marathon overall: Women:
1. Haille Kebebush (Eth) 2:34:08;
2. Marta Marcos (Eth) 2:34:15;
3. Irne Mogaka (Ken) 2:37:28.

Marathon (Indians): Men:
1. Ram Singh Yadav (11th overall) 2:18:03;
2. Deep Chand Saharan (21st overall) 2:26:01;
3. Narender Singh (23rd overall) 2:26:41.

Marathon (Indians): Women:
1. L Aruna Devi (22nd overall) 3:09:59;
2. Indresh Dhiraj (25th overall) 3:14:13,
3. Leelamma Alphanso (26th overall) 3:16:26.

Half Marathon: Men:
1. Surender Singh (Ind) 1:06:09;
2. Santosh Kumar (Ind) 1:08:08;
3. B.C. Tilak (Ind) 1:08:35.

Half Marathon: Women:
1. Kavita Raut (Ind) 1:20:58;
2. Preethi Rao (Ind) 1:21.23;
3. Vaishali Chatare (Ind) 1:26:45

Congratulations to all the winners!

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