Low Calorie Cocktails

Its the time to party. So to help you party in style and sensibly, we’ve compiled a list of some low calorie cocktails. Before we get to that, check out the list of the highest calorie alcoholic drinks, and some low calorie drinks.

Photo- cokctail (shrtbutfast@flickr)

Photo- cokctail (shrtbutfast@flickr)

Now, for the list of low calorie cocktails…

Bloody Mary: A popular vodka based cocktail. One cocktail glass of Bloody Mary provides 90 kcal. But Make sure you are not using more than 85 g of tomato juice because otherwise can cross the calorie limit. The standard recipe contains 85 g tomato juice, 30 ml Vodka, 1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce, 2 – 3 drops Tabasco sauce, 1 Dash lemon juice and seasonings like Salt and pepper to taste.

Beachcomber: The Beachcomber is a perfect summer evening cocktail with an interesting mix of flavors. One cocktail glass of Beachcomber provides 115 kcal.  The standard recipe contains 30 ml light rum, 15 ml triple sec, 15 ml lime juice and 1 dash maraschino liqueur (a cherry flavored liqueur).

Black Russian: The Black Russian is a simple vodka and coffee liqueur drink. The standard recipe contains 30 ml vodka and 15 ml coffee liqueur. One serving of Black Russian provides 125 cal.

To make it simpler: 1 shot of alcohol is about 30 ml.

So, have fun!

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  • mollyB

    i tried the bloody mary recipe… good stuff but i actually added some lemon pepper (just a little) and so ju (TY KU). i hear that so ju is actually even less calories than Vodka. it would be cool if you guys did a piece on so ju drinks. thanks!

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