Lose weight, get smart!

You already know the benefits of losing weight- It is good for your heart, help you live longer, and eases depression. But can it make you smarter?

Weight Loss benefits- Makes you smart, Live longer, eases depression

Losing weight makes you smart (txtamz@flickr)

Apparently, it does make you smarter! Researchers at Stanford University found that patients who had undergone gastric bypass surgery showed improvement in memory, problem solving, and attention to detail.

Research showed that belly fat contains harmful chemicals, when released into the bloodstream, trigger inflammation and cloud the mind. Know more why belly fat is unhealthy.

Before you book yourself expensive weight loss surgery to test out this theory, experts say losing weight through diet and exercise has the same effect. Thirty minutes a day of exercise is all you need to get in shape. We have tons of weight loss tips, diet tips, exercises to get fit, and info about healthy foods/recipes.

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