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Low Sugar Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

Most of you know that alcoholic drinks contain loads of calories and alcohol promotes fat storage in the body. If you didn’t, now you do. But we still enjoy a few drinks. Like food, not all drinks are equally bad. There are some lower calorie options. So watch what you drink at the bar, and it could be less damaging to your waistline. Below is a list of alcoholic drinks that are low calorie and low sugar as well. They are all around 100 calories:

1. Champagne, Red Wine: Per glass, both these drinks contain less than a 100 calories.

2. Diet Lime Vodka: A 30 ml shot of vodka, with diet lime soda and a splash of lime.

3. Gin & Tonic: This classic drink is also low on calories. Better yet, if its diet Tonic.

4. Diet Cuba Libre: A 30 ml shot of rum, a splash  of lime and top off with diet cola.

Some popular drinks that are loaded with calories are: Long Island Iced Tea, White Russian, Pina Colada. Basically, all large servings of alcohol mixed with sugary juices, cream, liqueurs, etc can bust your weight loss plans.

So, next time you order that drink at the bar, order smart. Watch out for our next part- strategy on low calorie bar drinking!

- this article is written by a wellness coach @ FitHo
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