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3 Bite Rule to Lose Inches

Are you one of those people who can’t avoid high calorie, fattening food even though you’re trying to lose that blubber around your midsection? Well, then you’re in the same boat as most people who are trying to lose the inches!

Don’t despair. We have hope for you. An idea where you can have the cake and still lose weight. I know sounds unbelievable, but its true.

Its called the 3-bite rule: When you’re really craving something that you shouldn’t be eating, like sinful chocolate cake, bring out a spoon! ..  Now, take one bite and slowly experience the sensation of that chocolate cake melting in your mouth, while your senses get overwhelmed with the cream, sugar and cocoa. The idea is to do this slowly, so you savour the experience of that chocolate cake. Take a second bite and slowly enjoy the flavour.

3 bite rule to manage diets

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By eating slow, you’ll maximize your experience. Now, have a third bite to satisfy yourself. Again slow, and put the spoon away :)

Over the 3 bites, you would’ve experienced, enjoyed and satisfied yourself.

Try the 3 bite rule- with this you get to enjoy your indulgence and minimize the calorie damage to your diet or to your waistline!

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