9 Easy and Simple Toning Tricks for the Summers!
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9 Easy and Simple Toning Tricks for the Summers!

The hot scorching sun, the high humidity in the air and the sweat drenched clothes- all set the stage for the much awaited summers. No matter how much we curse it, it gives us a happy relief from the shivering winters and makes us go shopping crazy cause no matter how many clothes we own it is never enough for the new summer.

As styles get revamped we find ourselves salivating at the new collections in our favourite stores, the only obstacle that seems to block our way is the extra winter weight which finds its way to our stomach, arms and butt as a result of weeks of gorging on oily winter foods and our inability to force ourselves to exercise in the face of the winter chills.

The stark reminder of our extra weight in the form of a bloated paunch in a sleek summer top is excruciatingly painful; hence in order to avoid the winter blues turning into the summer blues we have made a small fitness plan just for you. This fitness plan will ensure your winter weight melts away quickly leaving you taut and toned to follow your summer fashion.

Follow these easy tips to get a jump start on your fitness regimen:

1. Drink Cold Water
: Summers can turn you into a fountain of sweat as you constantly perspire in order to keep your body cool in the hot weather. You will need to persistently replenish your body’s water reserves and there is no better drink than cold water. Quench that thirst with cold water as cold water accelerates your metabolism. Your body ends up burning calories trying to warm up the water to use it for metabolic processes. So, drink lots of cold water throughout the day. Another thing to remember is to drink water 20 minutes before every meal. This is a great way to keep the metabolism revved whether you are in office or the airport. Read about ways to accelerate your metabolism.

2. Replenish the lost energy through Fruits: The amazingly delicious and healthy summer fruits which are high in water content and low in calories. Eating these fruits are an excellent way to welcome the summers. The consumption of these fruits not only keeps you hydrated but also ensures a good supply of essential vitamins and minerals to take your health on a new high. It is common to feel hungry quite often in the summers as the body is constantly at work trying to keep the system cool and energized. During these times just go ahead with a bowl of your favourite summer fruit like watermelons, orange, muskmelon, papaya, litchi, etc. Read about how fruits help in weigth loss.

3. Stock up those veggies: Just like the summer fruits the summer vegetables are also super healthy. They are high in their water content and low in their calories content. You can either make a fresh bowl of salad using vegetables like radish, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, etc. or make a juice out of them. Drinking vegetable juice is especially beneficial for weight loss and detox as it is easily digested by our body and all their goodness can get to work as soon as they are absorbed in. On the other hand eating salads can help you get your daily nutrition and keep the heat away while giving you something crunchy in the mouth. Read about eating vegetables to aid weigth loss.

4. Jazz up your exercise plan: Following the same exercise schedule can get boring over time, not only for you but also for your body. Once your body gets used to your pace and technique it burns fewer calories as you go along. So in order to get the maximum calorie burning benefit, inculcate small changes in your regime like mixing walking and jogging or jogging and running or trying a different style of push up. You can also try new things like joining a dance class, swimming or cycling. Changing routine helps you be eager and interested in your fitness by keeping you on your toes by making you more active and alert. Read about the exercises which can make you lose 200 calories in 2.5 minutes.

5. The Must Dos of Exercise: Like every other life practises even exercise has its most effective sets. These when followed through will ensure you get that toned look which you keep dreaming of. So you need to most definitely include lunges, squats and burpees in your exercise plan. They mostly work on your core, butt and thighs. You can also indulge in some women push ups and wall push ups to tone up the chest and arms. These few will help you focus on all the problem areas and the end results can be very satisfying. Read about the 5 best exercises for weight loss.

6. Do not quench the thirst for calories: Just as simply summers increases our thirst and appetite, it also provides us with a plethora of sweet drinks and foods as a compensatory note. But before you begin to binge on the sweet summer drinks which are full of sugar, preservatives and other potentially harmful ingredients! You need to be stop yourself and remember that such aerated sweetened drinks, cocktails and beers only add oodles of calories into your system which you have been working so hard to lose. So avoid such drinks on a regular basis. Read about the calories in beer.

7. Turn a blind eye to your summer sweet tooth: Another summer craving that should be avoided as much as possible is ice-cream. Ice creams also contain a lot of calories and you do not want to add fuel to the fire when you are already trying to lose the excess fat gained over the winters.If and must you absolutely have to have it go for the low fat versions. Consuming such high calorie foods will only take your goal that much farther from you and make you work that much harder. So if you don’t want to turn your 1 hour exercise regime to 2 hours, just stay away from this. Read about the worst foods for weight loss.

8. Reduce oily foods: This is no news to you; time and again doctors and dieticians have marked the importance of consumption of less oil for a healthy heart and body. What you probably figured out yourself was that oily foods also make you feel bloated and lethargic. What you can do to watch that weight and get a good food habit going on is inculcating the use of olive oil in your cooking. Although if you enjoy boiled foods then there is nothing better for a fast track weight loss process! Read about the various diet programs online.

9. Mind your portions and snacking habits: Portions are the key to a successful diet. If you can reduce your helpings then automatically your calorie intake will also reduce. Stay away from the second helpings and watch the transformation this little step can make. Also while snacking avoid munching on unhealthy foods which have hidden calories written all over it. You don’t want to take a back seat just because of that one bad choice you made during the delicately balanced day. So have low calorie munchies or nuts whenever you feel hungry. Remember night munching is the unhealthiest and assuredly packs a bunch of calories right around your stomach and butt so absolutely refrain from indulging in this act. Read about low calorie snacking options.

Well this list sums it all up and provides you with all the information you need to get that svelte figure. Inculcating the above habits not only will help you succeed in getting a hot body but also make you a healthy individual.  Do not wait for miracles to happen, create your own miracles!

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