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Look Hot & Stay Fit this Summer

Summer sets in, time to re-groove our fitness levels after cold winters where probably the chill had not allowed you to get out of your bed and hit the exercise program. This is the time of the year when you can flaunt with your body and get a few heads turning around. You probably have a desire to look slim, toned and look taut in whatever you wear. Are you ready to wear that bikini when you are on a holiday to cool yourself and enjoy sometime relaxing your mind and your body.

Before you change your wardrobe and go shopping with thin looking clothes just jump start your fitness routine and shed a few kilos and inches from hips and arms. Here are a few tips for exercise and food that you should follow to see yourself with a body you would vouch for. Clothes look glamorous on a thin, lean and a toned body which is achievable only if you think of attaining it.

: Quench your thirst with cold water as cold water accelerates your metabolism. Drink lots of cold water through out the day. Make sure the water is cold and do drink water 20 minutes before every meal.This is a great way to keep the metabolism revved whether you are in office or the airport. Freak out with water this summers.

Eat Fruits and Veggies: Summers is  the time that heat  makes you thirsty than hungry. Fruits are almost available anywhere. Watermelons, cucumber, orange, muskmelon, papaya, litchi and many others. Eat some salads according to your taste. Eating salads will help you get your daily nutrition as well keeps the heat away.

Reschedule: You probably follow the same routine all the time. This routine can make you lazy. Be objective and bring about a change in your schedule. Try new things. Join a dance class, swimming and go cycling. Regular stuff in your routine get hacked by your mind memory and end up doing it without much effort. Changing routine helps you with these factors making you stay on your toes and making you more alert. Keep more option before hand before you forget about the resolution and start the crib-spree again.

Exercises: Lunges, squats and bur pees you need to include in your pattern for a refined looking “Butt” and eye catching legs. Women push ups and wall push ups to tone the chest and arms.

Avoid: Drinks that contain sugar, cocktail, beers, coke, ice-creams and sweets. Oily food will have a bad effect on your heart health and makes you lazy. Use olive oil or go more for boiled food. Stop pity – ing on your self because the problem will be yours and more serious when you enter 50’s. Eat less in a meal and have little food or nuts whenever you feel hungry. Night munching will take you go buy clothes for a larger waist line. Control your temptation and relax with taking a bite for empty calories. On birthdays and celebration don’t fray from your plan as one day can take you away from you objective.

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