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Is Cricket making you Fat?

Wondering how cricket might be making you fat? Plenty of ways actually..

Your Couch: The reason people gain weight is because they’re not burning any calories. While watching cricket, you may be sitting on your couch ranging from 3 hours to 5 days! Besides not burning calories, you might be promoting weight gain. A recent study showed that sitting for long hours promotes fat gain around the belly area.

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Photo- Fat Cricket Fans (mugley@flickr)

Beer: With a game of cricket, a few beers seems synonymous. With each beer, you’re not only consuming calories, but you’re also promoting fat gain by consuming alcohol. Did you know that alcohol consumption can cause man boobs- know how.

Grub: Along with the beer, are the chips and dip, the snacks, the ice cream and the sugar loaded juices and soft drinks. They’re all high on calories. All those extra calories just get stored as fat. Besides that, these are all high on simple carbohydrates (chemically, same as sugar), which further promotes fat gain- know how.

So, while you’re supporting your team, you’re also showing serious support to your belly fat too! Read our next article to know how you can stay fit and even burn calories while watching the match!

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