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Improve Immunity with Exercise

Research is trying to figure out if better immunity can be achieved through exercise. As there are many factors involved in immunity like age, diet exercise etc. Exercise is vital in life as it keeps one active, maintain blood sugar levels, increases absorption of nutrients and for various other purposes. Diet and exercise form a great combination to increase immunity and keep us healthier and fit.

We eat foods that boost immunity but if the metabolism of the body is slow then the absorption of vitamins and minerals important to boost immunity will slow. Exercises help increase metabolism, so improving metabolism through exercise will help improve immunity through increased absorption of essential nutrients. Improved blood flow through exercise will help the immunizing nutrients to transport faster in the diseased area helping fight the infection, germs and bacteria and flushing toxins out of the body.
Exercise also improves appetite and regulates the digestive system. To ensure better health eat food that build immunity as they increase production of cells to fight antibodies. Exercise keeps the whole body functioning properly promoting better health and fitness.

Here are some exercises to improve immunity

Jumping Jacks is a physical jumping exercise. To perform jumping jacks stand straight with feet closed and hands by the side. Jump and spread you legs on the side with your hands overhead and then jump back to the normal position. It is a effective exercise for shoulders, calves, back and thighs. It will help improve blood flow and involves the whole body.

Bur-pees is a great aerobic exercise involving legs, hands, neck, back and some aerobics. You can do burpees in four simple steps.  First stand staight with feet close and hands by the side. Secondly go down to squat position and throw both your legs back and look up in the sky and keep your back bent and stretched. Third get you legs back to normal position and lastly jump up to normal position. It works the entire body and stretches the neck and back increasing flexibility and body balance.

Cross Crawl is a fun exercise and feels similar to dancing wildly. Let your self free and do the exercise. To perform cross crawl stand in normal position. Lift right leg bent at knee as high and lift alternate hand up and then the left leg with right hand. Do it slowly and build momentum gradually.

Bounding is easy and fun exercise which you can do in many ways. Bounding can be done by taking long stride while runnung where one stays in the air for a longer time. You can do bounding on stairs and with both the legs. You can do bounding by putting hurdles and crossing those hurdles by jumping over them or stepping on them. Its like when we cross puddles over small stones by hopping from one to the other and out.

Squat Jumps is a little straining as it involves the core and jumping while squating. To perform squat jump sit in a squat position and jump forward using your core to lift the body half way and leap forward.

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